Pawang Hujan di MotoGP Mandalika

Sebelumnya saya tidak mengikuti berita tentang MotoGP di Mandalika, tapi hari ini jadi tertarik gara-gara sorotan pemberitaan mengenai pawang hujan di gelaran even internasional tersebut. Dalam banyak foto dan video yang tampil di timeline akun medsos saya, tampak seorang perempuan berjalan di sirkuit, bertelanjang kaki, sambil tangannya memegang singing bowl dan melakukan gerakan-gerakan tertentu. Dan […]

Shariah shouldn’t be this ridiculous

Yesterday I read a kind of ridiculous news from my beloved country, Indonesia. A Harvard’s student named Bryan went to Banda Aceh for a research and learning Aceh culture. But he got a big surprise at his first night on the city that was swept by tsunami at 2005. In the middle of night, a […]

Best Instant Noodle

This is Indomie, best instant noodle in the world. Those who leave Indonesia for their study or working abroad, will mostly miss this instant noodle. I also heard that this instant noodle were produced outside Indonesia, to fulfill demand from some countries where many Indonesian live. They said, the taste are localized so they still […]

Spread Opera across Archipelago

As seen on States of the mobile Web, Indonesia is the leading country for Opera Mini users all around the world. With this great number of users, Indonesia is a very promising market for Opera. Most of My Opera Community members from Indonesia whom I know use only cellphone to write blog post, upload photos […]

Bahasa is not Bahasa Indonesia

It’s been a common thing to see people using the word bahasa that refer to bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). While I disagree with this, the number of people who use bahasa instead of Bahasa Indonesia are increasing. People thought that it’s correct just because westerner use the word bahasa, not Bahasa Indonesia. I think they […]

Indonesia dan Israel?

Sejak pertama mengetahuinya saya selalu bertanya-tanya, kenapa situs ini menggunakan peta Indonesia dengan beberapa titik merah di dalamnya? Tampilannya memang mirip situs yang domainnya expired dan diparkir, tetapi yang ini agak beda. Sepertinya disengaja tampil seperti itu. Ada yang membisiki saya bahwa negara kita turunan Nabi Nuh, yang berarti adalah saudara tua mereka orang Israel […]

Movie Trailer: Merantau

Merantau Trailer (SD) from Merantau Films on Vimeo. Merantau is a movie about young man of Minang who wanders into a big city. As many people has known, young men of Minang have to leave their hometown and take their own adventure. What I like from this movie is the hero play martial art with […]

Opera University Tours – Chapter Yogyakarta

Last week, I got a chance to join a seminar held by Opera and Gadjah Mada University. Yes I missed Pesta Blogger but I got another good event for my weekend. I wrote about the seminar in my another blog. And today I walked around the Net, found this photo gallery:Visit this photo gallery to […]

Hotspot Hunter

Now I put my butt over a wooden chair on a local cafe with two friends. It was five but two of us had left. Spending the nite here with coffee, tea, salads etc with a friendly prices and free internet connection. I do have my own internet connection at home but I can't get […]

Happily Sunday!

I'm enjoying my coffee at the same cafe as I wrote yesterday, enjoying the independent day of Indonesia. The best thing is from my country, among other things, is the freedom. I know that government failed to provide jobs for the citizen, but this made the citizen strugling their life and raised up their head […]