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Bahasa is not Bahasa Indonesia

It’s been a common thing to see people using the word bahasa that refer to bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). While I disagree with this, the number of people who use bahasa instead of Bahasa Indonesia are increasing.

People thought that it’s correct just because westerner use the word bahasa, not Bahasa Indonesia. I think they should learn that not all western things are good to follow.

Bahasa means language, then how come a word language is referred to Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language)? We can use bahasa everywhere, for example bahasa tubuh (body language) and Bahasa Jerman (German language).

I don’t think that we can use bahasa as a replacement word for Bahasa Indonesia. This is a mistake and we can’t be proud of it.


  1. basicly i agree with you, mas bro….
    but not only westerner who use this words, many vacancies in mass media also use this words….
    perhaps and hopefully editor in newspaper can use their scissors to cut ‘bahasa’ and replace with ‘bahasa indonesia’ amen

  2. sez

    so..it is better to use “bahasa indonesia”
    it just too long.. 8 syllable

  3. Bahasa is not bad a all.
    Although the meaning is not as they refer to but it’s simple and easy to remember.,

  4. mm….

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