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Movie Trailer: Merantau

Merantau Trailer (SD) from Merantau Films on Vimeo.

Merantau is a movie about young man of Minang who wanders into a big city. As many people has known, young men of Minang have to leave their hometown and take their own adventure.

What I like from this movie is the hero play martial art with karambit, a traditional knive of Indonesia which is well known by knive lovers all around the world. :up:

Can't wait to see the movie! :yes:

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  1. av1ez 30/05/2009

    Sounds exciting… Hope'll c it too soon…:love:

  2. toridei 02/06/2009

    wah mantep ki mas :yes: our very own Indonesian street fighting -with SILAT- movie….:wizard:

  3. av1ez 03/06/2009

    If only they do it eArly…

  4. schlaefer 21/11/2009

    This is a fabulous Article. Thanks! 🙂

  5. av1ez 22/11/2009

    If only more people As creAtive As U… :up:

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