Indonesian Heroes in 16 Bit

Here are the heroes from local stories in Indonesia. They're comic characters and I saw these picture painted on canvas in a 16 bit style. First hero is Si Buta dari Goa Hantu or "The Blind from the Ghost Cave", he goes everywhere with his lovely monkey named Kliwon. Hope PETA doesn't know this story […]

The Vesakh Parade

At May 20th, I and friends went to Borobudur temple to watch the Vesakh celebration. The Vesakh is celebrated every fullmoon of May, thus we can watch the fullmoon at the night. There was a lot of people at the temple, the Budhist itself (who celebrate their holly day) and many-many photographers. I don't have […]

Why don’t they use Opera

I've made a simple pool for my blog readers. I ask them why don't they use Opera as their main browser, and here came across some answers: At first time they used Opera, they found that Opera's cache is too strong. And it's a problem for a web developer because they can't see the change […]

October 27 As Indonesia National Bloggers Day

Bloggers and internet publishing in Indonesia gained new legitimacy Saturday when Communications and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh declared Oct. 27 National Bloggers Day. The announcement was made at Pesta Blogger (blogger party) 2007, Indonesia's first large meeting of bloggers, which around 500 people attended. "I can see today the Indonesian blogger community is developing the […]