Tell Me About Stocks, Please

My knowledge in financial stuffs like stocks, foreign exchange, money management, financial planning –or any money-related lingo– is very shallow. But I always feel the desire every time I see numbers and some short codes on stock markets video footages or Bloomberg channel. Yes, learning how to sell/buy stocks is in my wish list. But […]

Bahasa is not Bahasa Indonesia

It’s been a common thing to see people using the word bahasa that refer to bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). While I disagree with this, the number of people who use bahasa instead of Bahasa Indonesia are increasing. People thought that it’s correct just because westerner use the word bahasa, not Bahasa Indonesia. I think they […]

JPGMAG Is Survived

A few days ago, JPGMAG decided to closed its service due to some bussines issues. But this morning I’ve got an email from Laura Brunow Miner, Editor in Chief of JPGMAG, saying that JPGMAG will remain open. Here is the email: We couldn’t ask for a better community. In the week or so since our […]

Peek at your browser detection script

As Opera released the first two digit version of browser in the world, web developers should look at their browser detection script. The scripts are using regex code that will parse the user agent signature provided by every browsers. Most of them are only capable to detect one digit of browser version, thus Opera 10 […]

I met three great guys

At saturday last week, I went to a seminar with Pengki at a local university. Opera software was the sponsor, they sent Bruce Lawson and Zi Bin Cheah as the note speaker. Not forget to mention, there was Putri, the one in charge to arrange the seminar schedule all around Indonesia. Zi Bin spoke about […]

End of Year and Christmas

It’s almost end of year 2007 and here are some links to share. Hopefuly it will be useful for everyone reading this blog: Google And Paypal To Pay You For Xmas ShoppingThey do this to convince online shoppers to use their system for paying for online purchases. WYSIWYG Editor Comparison TableSPAW Editor is not included, […]

How to get Zend Studio for free.

I’m not joking. You can get a free copy of Zend Studio for free, sure no warez to mention. Simply register to and submit your code and you have made your chance to win a free copy of Zend Studio and many more cool stuffs every month! Last month I got one year subscription […]

Apricot 2007 in Bali, Indonesia

APRICOT (Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies) 2007 will be held for the first time in Bali. Yes, Bali is a damn beautiful small island in Indonesia and so famous everywhere. The event will be held from 21st February upto 2nd March 2007, located in BICC (Bali International Convention Center). For further information, […]

What’s Wrong With Indonesian SDA-Asia Magazine?

I’m a reader of Indonesian version of SDA Asia magazine. It’s a good magazine for programmer like me. They don’t only give technical stuffs such as programming tutorial but also give enterprise solution and how to implement a techology in bussines. And that’s what I want, since programming tutorial is an easy thing to search […]