Tell Me About Stocks, Please

May 27, 2011 | Out Of Topics

My knowledge in financial stuffs like stocks, foreign exchange, money management, financial planning –or any money-related lingo– is very shallow. But I always feel the desire every time I see numbers and some short codes on stock markets video footages or Bloomberg channel.

Yes, learning how to sell/buy stocks is in my wish list. But I still dunno where to start.

I have visited Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, and some so called financial websites.. Too bad, I still don’t get  light bulb turned on over my head. I hope readers of this blog can give any clue, or lead me to the best clue 🙂

I have read about Timothy Sykes as well, visited his website about best penny stocks and amazed with all the numbers over there. How to get into that numbers?

I believe I can do that. I never studied programming before but able to write programs. This way, I believe I can learn and understanding stocks. Later on, I can write a program that will help me selling/buying stocks, rite? 😀

Now it’s time to list any references, collecting e-books, make a savings, and perhaps buying some book/DVD tutorials. A long way to go but it will be a great journey.

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How Many Facebook Users from Indonesia?

February 17, 2010 | Out Of Topics | , ,

How many do you think the number of Facebook users from Indonesia? Thank God, Facebook have a nice tool to find out.


Practically, you can also see how many lesbians, gays and other cool stats. Only if the users are honest 😛


Bahasa is not Bahasa Indonesia

June 17, 2009 | Daily, Out Of Topics | , ,

It’s been a common thing to see people using the word bahasa that refer to bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). While I disagree with this, the number of people who use bahasa instead of Bahasa Indonesia are increasing.

People thought that it’s correct just because westerner use the word bahasa, not Bahasa Indonesia. I think they should learn that not all western things are good to follow.

Bahasa means language, then how come a word language is referred to Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language)? We can use bahasa everywhere, for example bahasa tubuh (body language) and Bahasa Jerman (German language).

I don’t think that we can use bahasa as a replacement word for Bahasa Indonesia. This is a mistake and we can’t be proud of it.


Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer

January 31, 2009 | Out Of Topics | , ,

It seem that Google has experiencing a little technical problem just a few minutes ago. All my search results were brought to a page saying that visiting the web site may harm my computer. At first I thought it was only me.

Just a minute later, I saw some other people on plurk and twitter are getting the same warning message when they tried to open the page from Google’s search result. It said “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer”.

I think they already handle the problem. My search results are no longer redirected into warning page as a few minutes ago.

This ‘unusual event’ also reported on Neatorama.


JPGMAG Is Survived

January 13, 2009 | Out Of Topics | , ,

A few days ago, JPGMAG decided to closed its service due to some bussines issues.

But this morning I’ve got an email from Laura Brunow Miner, Editor in Chief of JPGMAG, saying that JPGMAG will remain open. Here is the email:

We couldn’t ask for a better community. In the week or so since our last email, the outpour of support has exceeded our wildest expectations. Your efforts, such as starting, writing blog posts, commenting on Twitter and Flickr, and generally making your voices heard, have provided exciting new opportunities for us.

We’re thrilled to say that because of you, we have multiple credible buyers interested in giving JPG a home. We will be keeping the site up after all, and hope to have a final update in the next week or so on who the acquirer will be. Thank you for making all of this possible.

Laura Brunow Miner
Editor in Chief

Kudos JPGMAG and the supporters, I’m hoping for the best.

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Peek at your browser detection script

December 31, 2008 | Browsers, Out Of Topics

As Opera released the first two digit version of browser in the world, web developers should look at their browser detection script. The scripts are using regex code that will parse the user agent signature provided by every browsers. Most of them are only capable to detect one digit of browser version, thus Opera 10 mostly would be detected as Opera 1.

Later on, it’s just one day before 2009, I would like to say happy new year to all of you. Hopefuly the year will be great for us developer, and the greatest hope I have is to see Internet Explorer to be more developer friendly as it was known as best developer’s nightmare.

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I met three great guys

November 24, 2008 | Out Of Topics

At saturday last week, I went to a seminar with Pengki at a local university. Opera software was the sponsor, they sent Bruce Lawson and Zi Bin Cheah as the note speaker. Not forget to mention, there was Putri, the one in charge to arrange the seminar schedule all around Indonesia.

Zi Bin spoke about Opera software in Bahasa Melayu, it is almost the same as Bahasa Indonesia. Then Bruce delivered presentation about the future of the web and HTML 5. I never noticed HTML 5 draft before, but after his speech I just realized how helpful HTML 5 will be. It’s super easy to deal with forms and videos. Can’t wait for the release.

Continued to saturday night, we have an Opera user meet-up at V-Art Gallery. It’s not only a gallery but also a cafe, the meals are pretty good. I went there with Alle and Ngodod.

At the gallery, I didn’t talk a lot with Zi Bin because he’s busy. Some students were demonstrating to him how to exploit other Windows machines using metasploit in his Mac box. So I had a chat with Bruce, he shown us his children photos, they are so cute and chubby.

I think Bruce is a very nice guy, a bit different with other westerns I knew. And Zi Bin, I don’t know why I was thinking that he’s a naughty boy ha.ha.

I read Bruce’s blog and found that Putri got sick after a heavy journey. Take enough rest and get well soon Put.


Veoh not available in Indonesia

June 26, 2008 | Out Of Topics from IndonesiaToday I planned to fix my previous Veoh downloader but surprisingly my country is blocked by Doh, need a little workaround involving proxy etc. Please be patient dear readers.


End of Year and Christmas

December 1, 2007 | Out Of Topics

It’s almost end of year 2007 and here are some links to share. Hopefuly it will be useful for everyone reading this blog:

That’s all for tonight, I will add more later.


How to get Zend Studio for free.

August 18, 2007 | Out Of Topics, Technical Stuffs

I’m not joking. You can get a free copy of Zend Studio for free, sure no warez to mention. Simply register to and submit your code and you have made your chance to win a free copy of Zend Studio and many more cool stuffs every month!

Last month I got one year subscription of PHP|Architect and this month I get a free copy of Zend Studio, they made me very happy. So I will post more codes to win more prizes ah.ha.ha.