Opinel Garden Number 8

I'm a fan of knives and any other sharp blades, but I prefer small knives instead of swords, machetes or bowie knives. Recently I bought a new knife, it's Opinel (garden series) number 8. Opinel is known as cheap but great knife, originally from France. Here is the picture, but in low quality 😀 Opinel […]

Juan The Turtle

This is Juan, my 6-7 years old turtle. There was a couple of turtle, another one named Jose. Jose was brought by my friend and now has become very big, in my friend's house. Juan is a dwarf turtle. In its age, it should be bigger that it is now. But I'm happy with this […]

Best Instant Noodle

This is Indomie, best instant noodle in the world. Those who leave Indonesia for their study or working abroad, will mostly miss this instant noodle. I also heard that this instant noodle were produced outside Indonesia, to fulfill demand from some countries where many Indonesian live. They said, the taste are localized so they still […]

Just A Test, Please Ignore

Well, it's just a test page to see if this page successfully aggregated by Cahandong.org :up: To fill this space, this is a "photo" of my stuffs. Not exactly a photo, but this picture is taken using a flatbed scanner, a very old one: By the way, have a great weekend everyone! :cheers:

New Jazz CD

I met with an old friend this evening. She just came back from Algeria and brought me this jazz CD.She got the CD when she was in a jazz festival in a country named… I forget what was the country name 😀 Here is the playlist: Boney Fields & The Bone's Project 2008 Jazzpel 2008 […]

Spread Opera across Archipelago

As seen on States of the mobile Web, Indonesia is the leading country for Opera Mini users all around the world. With this great number of users, Indonesia is a very promising market for Opera. Most of My Opera Community members from Indonesia whom I know use only cellphone to write blog post, upload photos […]

Opera Cake

I remember that Putri made a blog post about Opera yoghurt, this time I make a post about Opera cake :yes: A friend of mine posted above image on my Facebook wall, looks yummy! Based on the label, it cost approximately US$ 1 each. Thanks jeng! :up:

A Hope, Opera Mini Proxy in Indonesia

As a second position of Opera Mini worldwide users, I think Opera must have proxy server here in Indonesia. Indonesia has its own internet line called IIX (indonesia internet exchange) as internet backbone. Servers that are located in IiX server will be fast if it's accessed from within Indonesia area. Unfortunately, they're damn slow when […]

How To Use OneWayMail.com Email Service

OneWayMail.com is a free disposable email service. Differ with others, their service is only for receiving mails. Thus we can not send any email from OneWayMail.com. So what is the benefit of this weird email service? Imagine one day you need a driver for your printer and found it somewhere on a website. But the […]

Not my lucky day

I participated in Opera's online writer competition and passed the first challenge. So I must take the second challenge to write ten interesting stuffs to qualify the test. I've made the draft but I missed the deadline. I thought the deadline is 25 September, but I'm wrong. The deadline is 15 September and I missed […]