Juan The Turtle

This is Juan, my 6-7 years old turtle. There was a couple of turtle, another one named Jose. Jose was brought by my friend and now has become very big, in my friend's house.

Juan is a dwarf turtle. In its age, it should be bigger that it is now. But I'm happy with this fact because I don't need any larger aquarium. Juan looked dirty in the photo above, it was a moment before I clean up his carapace using teeth brush.

Juan eats "Makura" every day. Makura is special food for turtle, it's an abbreviation of "makanan kura-kura" or food for turtles. Funny but memorable name 😀

Update: Juan's picture, 2 years ago.


  1. toridei

    Nguruse gampang ra mas?

  2. sandalian

    gampang banget mas, ga harus dikasih makan tiap hari hehe

  3. E. Driver

    I have a similar turtle here, too! :up:

  4. sandalian

    Nice, what's the name of your turtle?

  5. E. Driver

    Paul, he's not getting too big neither. Here it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painted_turtle

  6. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:You should really start to breed your turtle!try to make a line of Dwarf turtles!

  7. udah berpa tahun ya itu kura kura hidup

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