A Hope, Opera Mini Proxy in Indonesia

As a second position of Opera Mini worldwide users, I think Opera must have proxy server here in Indonesia.

Indonesia has its own internet line called IIX (indonesia internet exchange) as internet backbone. Servers that are located in IiX server will be fast if it's accessed from within Indonesia area. Unfortunately, they're damn slow when they're accessed from other countries.

Some friends of mine have complained about how slow their website when it's accessed using Opera Mini, and it's because the server is located in Indonesia.

Opera Mini will retrieve data using proxy server in Norway and US. If I use Opera Mini to access my website that's located in IIX server, it means that I access my own website from US/Norway before it's delivered into my cellphone later.

With the availability of Opera's proxy server in Indonesia, Opera Mini users from Indonesia will be able to access their local website easily.

I think Opera can get partner to develop proxy server in Indonesia easily. Indonesia is a great developing country with many great local contents.


  1. selurus

    I don't think changing the server location would really make much of a difference in the page load speed, its more about optimising traffic.

  2. sandalian

    If you're living in Indonesia, you will know what I mean. Our local servers are very difficult to be accessed from outside this country.If Opera cooperate with one of Internet provider in Indonesia and build local proxy server, the speed would be increased.

  3. anonymous

    Anonym writes:yeah new advantage that telkomsel to put the operamini server in local for indonesian users, this will be greate connection

  4. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:My name is mr obinna ibekwe i love you

  5. anonymous

    Dharma writes:I'm Agree with Yeni, for mobile Internet, Indonesia is one of the fastest growing country in the world, and Indonesian really like to use Opera Mini as their primary browser in their handphone, but they having difficulties to access Local websites and contents using Opera mini due to limited (and very expensive) international bandwidth.Indonesia is the 2nd largest opera ini user in the world, and because of that Opera SHOULD put Opera Mini Proxy server in Indonesia, if not they will loosing the market share in Indonesia sooner or later.

  6. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:How do you change the language on opera mini from indonesian to english? Please help.

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