Opinel Garden Number 8

I'm a fan of knives and any other sharp blades, but I prefer small knives instead of swords, machetes or bowie knives. Recently I bought a new knife, it's Opinel (garden series) number 8. Opinel is known as cheap but great knife, originally from France.

Here is the picture, but in low quality 😀

Opinel number 8 (blade length is 8 cm) is rather too big for me, I think I should have number 6 or 7. Next time I will post more pictures of this knife, with better image quality :up:


  1. ChuBieth

    Hi, Yeni :)What are the virtues this knife?. Freeform or sharp?Regards 😉

  2. sandalian

    As far as I know, Opinel is known as affordable (in price) knife and has good quality.

  3. ChuBieth

    Is this beautiful knife can We buy in Jakarta?, and Where?, can you let me know?.

  4. sandalian

    Sure, you can check the address here http://bit.ly/aTbxzE

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