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Opinel Garden Number 8

I'm a fan of knives and any other sharp blades, but I prefer small knives instead of swords, machetes or bowie knives. Recently I bought a new knife, it's Opinel (garden series) number 8. Opinel is known as cheap but great knife, originally from France.

Here is the picture, but in low quality 😀

Opinel number 8 (blade length is 8 cm) is rather too big for me, I think I should have number 6 or 7. Next time I will post more pictures of this knife, with better image quality :up:

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  1. ChuBieth 25/08/2010

    Hi, Yeni :)What are the virtues this knife?. Freeform or sharp?Regards 😉

  2. sandalian 25/08/2010

    As far as I know, Opinel is known as affordable (in price) knife and has good quality.

  3. ChuBieth 27/08/2010

    Is this beautiful knife can We buy in Jakarta?, and Where?, can you let me know?.

  4. sandalian 27/08/2010

    Sure, you can check the address here

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