How to choose your first dog

March 21, 2014 | Reviews |


Dogs are human’s best friend. Smart, friendly, and capable to perform various task after some trainings. For that reasons, everybody should have a dog in house. But how to get your first dog?

If you’re living in Australia, you can visit, a website where you can select your future dog(s) and filter your favor by location, breeds, and price range. You can also search by specific gender too!

Not only selling dogs, they also provide a list of dog breeders and other dog related-services such as dog foods, grooming supplies, dog saloons, also burial and crematory. It’s like one stop shopping for all your dog needs.

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Build a growing light

September 20, 2013 | Uncategorized | , , ,

This will be my next weekend project, a DIY growing light.
Growing light is a custom light for growing plant indoor by simulating sun light. These are blue LEDs, many said that blue light is great to grow the bushes.

I’ll post more stories and pictures after I finish the build :up:

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Acer Launches Phablet Liquid S1

September 4, 2013 | Technologies

Out of ordinary, Acer Indonesia chooses Yogyakarta for this event. Yogyakarta is a small city at the southern of Java Island, famous for its travel destinations (including Mount Merapi, one of the most active volcanoes) and the city with the most university in Indonesia (over than 200 unis!).

The event took place at Grand Aston Hotel at September 3rd 2013 evening, inviting medias from Jakarta and Yogyakarta, also some famous bloggers as well.

acer phablet liquid s1

Mr. Simon Yu, the Director of Software Innovation & Software Product Management Division for Acer said that this smartphone is named phablet, a hybrid of phone and tablet. A tablet that is small enough for telephony but large enough for any other task.



Leaving Camera 360 for Camera Zoom FX

June 28, 2013 | Daily, Reviews | , , , ,

I’ve been using Camera 360 for months and it’s been my favorite free camera application for Android.  It gives more controls than default  camera application installed on my Samsung Galaxy Ace.

After some months and performing several upgrades, application size became remarkably huge. If I were having other smartphone with bigger internal memory size, it would be no problem at all.

But internal memory in my Galaxy Ace is only 158MB and Camera 360 itself uses 12+ MB, with no option to move this application to SD card.

Then Google helps me finding this article and I decided to try Camera Zoom FX. It isn’t a free application but very cheap, less than 3 dollars.

Camera 360 vs Camera Zoom FX

See my available free internal space on picture above, it kills me haha.

I quickly learn that Camera Zoom FX has almost identical feature as Camera 360. It’s not my position to judge who’s copying who, but I’ve got the winner.

After uninstall Camera 360, I’ve got some space to install another application to support my activity.

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Bathing With Chicken

January 19, 2013 | Uncategorized |

My little baby girl, bathing at the backyard with the chickens:

Our backyard just like a little jungle, we can hear owl at the night :up:


Fenix BT20 Bike Light Review

January 13, 2013 | Reviews | , , , , ,

Fenix is well known as flashlight manufacturer and they expanded their product for wider user, bikers.  They sent me their new light for review a few weeks ago. This product was sent to me for free after I was chosen as tester for their global campaign among other applicants.

This new line of product is called Fenix BT20, maximum 750 lumens and powered by two 18650 batteries.

Fenix BT20 in a box

Here are the content of the package:

  • 1 Fenix BT20 bike light
  • 1 battery box/case
  • 1 holster for the battery box/case
  • 1 helmet mount/adapter
  • 1 cable extension
  • 3 O-rings in different diameters.


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Zebralight SC51 Neutral White

December 30, 2012 | Daily, Reviews | , ,

This post is a little out of ordinary because I won’t talk about server, programming language, nor any computer-related stuffs. This time I’ll write a simple review about my current favorite flashlight:

Zebralight SC51 Neutral White

It’s Zebralight SC51, neutral white version. More information and pics after the break.

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Rent First, Buy Later

June 7, 2012 | Uncategorized | ,

A friend of mine, who just moved to a new apartment was asking me of any furniture rental available nearby his place. After googling around, I found and it seemed promising.

Based from information on their website, my friend can rent furniture, kitchen equipment, plasma or LCD, handy household appliance, a computer or even exercise equipment.

The most interesting part is their "Buyout Option". It's if we feel comfortable with their stuff, we can buy the same items that we rent. More over, if the goods are are rented for 36 months, the buyout price is only $1! A buck, we can say that it's free.

Another benefit with renting is the maintenance. They will provide free maintenance for goods we rent, including installation, service and repair during the rental period. This is really a nice offers :yes:

The rental period is also quite flexible. We can rent goods for days –say, weekend–, weeks, or months. For contract more than 6 months, delivery fee would be free. They also deliver on weekend, when most of us are in vacation.

A question that popped out of my mind was: what happens if the product I rent breaks down? According to their website, they will fix/repair the product for free.

I think I can't go wrong about this rental company, and without a doubt I suggested my friend to use their service.


Get Building Report Before Buying It

June 7, 2012 | Uncategorized | ,

Buying a property (house, building, etc) is not a simple deal. We must be sure that the building is worth every pennies we spent. And it's not a simple task to check a building for any defects or other cons.

Fortunately, some companies have specialize their service for this purpose. They will perform a detailed check up of the building for us with various range of prices. Among of the companies are

They will check rising damp with decent moisture meters, shower leaks (including past leaks), timber decay or termite damage, cracks in external brickwork and internal walls, roof tile condition, sub-floor ventilation and drainage.

The important part is roof inspection. I think they will climb up and check what is above the ceilings, the most unvisited place of a building. I can imagine if I have to check it myself.

After they check the building, they will give us detailed report about the building on a 20-25 pages of inspection report. The report will include list of defects, repair cost for any defects found, and also digital photos of the inspection.

The report is purely based on their inspection, not computer generated. With the report, we can reconsider to see if the building is worth the money or just a a pile of bricks.

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A New Hobby, Flashlight

June 7, 2012 | Uncategorized | , , ,

After playing with knives, a boy inside me fell in love with another toy, flashlights. Currently have a few flashlights, but mostly brings these two flashlight everywhere I go.

This is a Quark Mini 123. Originally using a CR123 battery but I modified it a bit to accept 2xAA batteries. As a drawback, the body become bulky and is not very easy to carry.

Another one is Thrunite Ti.

So small that I can bring it everywhere, as a keychain. Stay in pocket and forgotten, until the dark is coming and the flashlight is ready for an action.