Best Instant Noodle

This is Indomie, best instant noodle in the world. Those who leave Indonesia for their study or working abroad, will mostly miss this instant noodle.

I also heard that this instant noodle were produced outside Indonesia, to fulfill demand from some countries where many Indonesian live. They said, the taste are localized so they still miss Indonesia's Indomie.

I had a pleasure to write all about instant noodles, called Ramen Rider. But it's currently discontinued.


  1. anonymous

    danindra writes:Yes, its true..indonesian instan noodle and indonesian beer are the best in the world.If you send furniture or another cargo which is the dimension large enough to fulfill, foreigner will fill it with indomie and bir bintang

  2. anonymous

    nicowijaya writes:mi oyeeeeng!

  3. toridei

    it's quite strange actually cos Indonesian basic staple consist of rice and corn…but it's also true that Indonesia is one of the biggest noddle consumer πŸ˜› :ko: pak kalo ga salah si Putri pernah bilang dia beli Indomi versi Jerman yah….

  4. toridei

    yap, betul itu..kira2 kita dan cina bnyakan mana ya yg mkan mi instan?

  5. sandalian

    ^Betul Mas, saya juga masih inget, tulisan Putri yang ini bukan?

  6. ajureni

    mba yeni lam kenal dan indomie emang enaaaak tenan….2

  7. toridei

    mas Ahmad Otong Yeni itu nama cowok he he bkan cwek

  8. anonymous

    Q-thrynx writes:haha.. fotomu kurang menunjukkan kejantananmy Yen. banyak yang ngirain cewek tu.. :))

  9. womanita

    yupz. Betul skale d hongkong jg tiap hari makan indomie

  10. joanz-2010

    πŸ˜† lg" di panggil mbak πŸ˜€ indomie i love indomie :yes:

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