The Third

After me and wife, here come the third.

It's a baby girl and we call her Lumen, the light.
Born as binary girl, 00101011 :love:


  1. Soedy

    Blog walking

  2. hartonoimudji

    Hi, yeni.. Pha kbr ?

  3. H82typ

    So… How's the baby? 🙂

  4. hartonoimudji

    Suuit.. Suuuiitttsss..

  5. sandalian

    The baby is veeery beautiful. Love her so much :flirt:

  6. hartonoimudji

    Thanks frends.. Happy weekend day.. Gbu..

  7. anira20

    please my dear contact me through my email id (anira0william@yahoo.com)so that i will tell you more about myself and also send you my photo.

  8. mujihartonobalikpapan

    Mom and son.. Woowwwww.. Mantafsss.. Good mom..

  9. H82typ

    😆 Your ladies have been keeping you busy? It's amazing to see how fast children grow, isn't it? 😀

  10. sandalian

    @H82typ Absolutely, it's amazing :up:

  11. mujihartonobalikpapan

    Hi, yeni. Pha kbr ?

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