A New Hobby, Flashlight

After playing with knives, a boy inside me fell in love with another toy, flashlights. Currently have a few flashlights, but mostly brings these two flashlight everywhere I go.

This is a Quark Mini 123. Originally using a CR123 battery but I modified it a bit to accept 2xAA batteries. As a drawback, the body become bulky and is not very easy to carry.

Another one is Thrunite Ti.

So small that I can bring it everywhere, as a keychain. Stay in pocket and forgotten, until the dark is coming and the flashlight is ready for an action.


  1. anonymous

    Antyonymous writes:Dulu di tahun-tahun akhir msh di yogya saya mengoleksi aneka sentolop murmer. Waktu itu produk RRC belum membanjir. Senter termewah yg prnh saya pny pada thn 90-an adalah Maglite yg di dakamnta ada bolam halogen cadangan

  2. sandalian

    Paman Tyo: maglite sampai sekarang tetap jadi primadona kok, meskipun teknologinya sudah ketinggalan. Saat ini banyak yg menunggu maglite seri baru yg menggunakan LED

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  4. jauhari

    waaaaah aku ngiler

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