Future family member

My wife is currently pregnant (one month) and it's her first pregnancy :yes:I don't know how to express my feeling, I'm just happy :cheers: Can't wait to see my kid crawling on the floor, calling me Papa, Romo, Bopo or any other name 😀

Opinel Garden Number 8

I'm a fan of knives and any other sharp blades, but I prefer small knives instead of swords, machetes or bowie knives. Recently I bought a new knife, it's Opinel (garden series) number 8. Opinel is known as cheap but great knife, originally from France. Here is the picture, but in low quality 😀 Opinel […]

Juan The Turtle

This is Juan, my 6-7 years old turtle. There was a couple of turtle, another one named Jose. Jose was brought by my friend and now has become very big, in my friend's house. Juan is a dwarf turtle. In its age, it should be bigger that it is now. But I'm happy with this […]

Best Instant Noodle

This is Indomie, best instant noodle in the world. Those who leave Indonesia for their study or working abroad, will mostly miss this instant noodle. I also heard that this instant noodle were produced outside Indonesia, to fulfill demand from some countries where many Indonesian live. They said, the taste are localized so they still […]

Wild Fruit On The Roadside

It was early morning and I was walking from the town into my house, it’s about 30 minutes walking distance. In the middle of the trip and after the sunrise, I saw this fruit on the roadside. I didn’t know what fruit is that. It looked delicious, remind me of the wild marquisa I found […]

New Jazz CD

I met with an old friend this evening. She just came back from Algeria and brought me this jazz CD.She got the CD when she was in a jazz festival in a country named… I forget what was the country name 😀 Here is the playlist: Boney Fields & The Bone's Project 2008 Jazzpel 2008 […]

Opera Mini In The Daily Life

I must admit that I can't get away from internet. Thus I always find any way to put me on the Net. And Opera Mini help me a lot. I've tried several mobile browsers but none of them fit my needs. I love its data compression, zoom and panning feature, enable and disable image easily, […]

My Daily Knives

I am a knives lover. Since I was a young boy, I played with knife. Nabbing banana trees, cut down the bushes and other dangerous things (lol) Nowadays, I always bring knives everywhere. Here are some of them: Today I bring Victorinox Stay Glow (the green one) and the black flashlight with me. Stored safely […]