Future family member

My wife is currently pregnant (one month) and it's her first pregnancy :yes:
I don't know how to express my feeling, I'm just happy :cheers:

Can't wait to see my kid crawling on the floor, calling me Papa, Romo, Bopo or any other name 😀


  1. jorjy27

    Hey Congratulations in Advance! 😀 :cheers:

  2. sandalian

    @Jorjy: many thanks! :cheers:

  3. anonymous

    paydjo writes:makan-makaneh, kapan nikahe ?(nomel)

  4. sandalian

    @paydjo: nopember mas 😛

  5. anonymous

    Anonymous writes:q-thrynx> congrats Yen… eh PAK Yeni.. 😀

  6. onlyputri

    Mas Yeni, selamat yaaaa..Smoga semuanya lancar, dan moderator MyOid Jr nnti sehat2 😉

  7. sandalian

    Maksih Put..Sekarang umur kehamilan sudah 5 bulan, jadi tidak sabar hehe 😀

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