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NicEdit: Lightweight Web Based WYSIWYG Editor

After a couple of years using TinyMCE as my prefered web based WYSIWYG editor, I started to look at another one. My brand new star is Nice Edit, a lightweight text editor that come with basic styling tools.

NicEdit web based WYSIWYG editor

What I like from this editor is NicEdit doesn’t use another HTML page to load its tools, it just ‘draw’ it on the screen. Amazingly, it’s only using one image for all the menus, using image as sprite.

I don’t like when TinyMCE loads another file to display link properties or image properties. It’s wasting time, eat up web space and more bandwidth to waste.

Although NicEdit isn’t as complete as TinyMCE, but it fit my needs. It gives me simplicity.

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  1. antyo rentjoko 18/05/2009

    bisa autosave gak, bos? 😀

  2. admin 19/05/2009 — Post Author

    @Mas Paman
    Autosave itu tergantung aplikasinya Man.

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