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Mencoba Asus ZenPower Slim 6000, Powerbank Ramping Berkapasitas Besar

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya mendapat kesempatan dari Mas Yahya untuk mencoba sebuah powerbank imut berwarna merah marun keluaran ASUS, yaitu ZenPower Slim 6000.

asus zenpower slim 6000

Sesuai dengan namanya, meskipun ukurannya ramping namun kapasitas powerbank satu ini cukup besar yaitu 6000 mAh. Dengan kapasitas tersebut, powerbank ini bisa men-charge smartphone hingga 2-3 cycle, tergantung kapasitas baterai smartphone kita.

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Mail Call! 

Tiga harian yang lalu datang dua senter yang dikirim oleh salah satu toko online di Cina untuk saya review. Satu senter dengan tenaga baterai AA dan satu lagi yang ditenagai oleh baterai ukuran 26650.

Kedua senter ini akan saya gunakan masing-masing sekitar satu mingguan lalu akan saya tulis ulasannya di blog LumenZilla yang khusus membahas tentang senter atau apapun yang menyala.

Selain di blog tersebut, biasanya saya juga menuliskan review-nya di beberapa forum senter, baik forum lokal maupun luar.

Ada yang bertanya apakah saya dibayar untuk menulis review ini? Jawabannya adalah tidak, saya menulis review dengan sukarela selama unit senternya disediakan.

Baik hati kan saya?

Tactical Tailor: Removable Operator Pack

Akhir bulan puasa kemarin, akhirnya salah satu barang yang masuk dalam wish list akhirnya terwujud menjadi kenyataan. Barang tersebut adalah sebuah backpack buatan Tactical Tailor, seri Removable Operator Pack.

Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack in action

Untuk sekedar diketahui, Tactical Tailor adalah perusahaan pembuat apparel dan perlengkapan militer yang digawangi oleh almarhum Logan D. Coffey yang berawal dari ketidakpuasan-nya terhadap perlengkapan militer yang diberikan oleh pemerintah.

Logan membawa dua mesin jahit besar ke dalam baraknya untuk memodifikasi perlengkapan militer jatah negara agar sesuai dengan kebutuhannya di lapangan.

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Rent First, Buy Later

A friend of mine, who just moved to a new apartment was asking me of any furniture rental available nearby his place. After googling around, I found radio-rentals.com and it seemed promising.

Based from information on their website, my friend can rent furniture, kitchen equipment, plasma or LCD, handy household appliance, a computer or even exercise equipment.

The most interesting part is their "Buyout Option". It's if we feel comfortable with their stuff, we can buy the same items that we rent. More over, if the goods are are rented for 36 months, the buyout price is only $1! A buck, we can say that it's free.

Another benefit with renting is the maintenance. They will provide free maintenance for goods we rent, including installation, service and repair during the rental period. This is really a nice offers :yes:

The rental period is also quite flexible. We can rent goods for days –say, weekend–, weeks, or months. For contract more than 6 months, delivery fee would be free. They also deliver on weekend, when most of us are in vacation.

A question that popped out of my mind was: what happens if the product I rent breaks down? According to their website, they will fix/repair the product for free.

I think I can't go wrong about this rental company, and without a doubt I suggested my friend to use their service.

Get Building Report Before Buying It

Buying a property (house, building, etc) is not a simple deal. We must be sure that the building is worth every pennies we spent. And it's not a simple task to check a building for any defects or other cons.

Fortunately, some companies have specialize their service for this purpose. They will perform a detailed check up of the building for us with various range of prices. Among of the companies are childspropertyinspections.com.au.

They will check rising damp with decent moisture meters, shower leaks (including past leaks), timber decay or termite damage, cracks in external brickwork and internal walls, roof tile condition, sub-floor ventilation and drainage.

The important part is roof inspection. I think they will climb up and check what is above the ceilings, the most unvisited place of a building. I can imagine if I have to check it myself.

After they check the building, they will give us detailed report about the building on a 20-25 pages of inspection report. The report will include list of defects, repair cost for any defects found, and also digital photos of the inspection.

The report is purely based on their inspection, not computer generated. With the report, we can reconsider to see if the building is worth the money or just a a pile of bricks.

Simple and Quick Diagram Designer

I was looking for a diagram designer and I was in hurry. Thus I have no time to download any well known diagram designer applications. I went to Google and searched ‘diagram designer’ and got an application with identical name: Diagram Designer.

diagram-designerIt’s quite small. Only  1.3 MB and took a few minutes to download. It should just be a few seconds if I have a broadband access.

I just need a few click to install and run Diagram Designer. Very nice application despite of its small size. It displays object tree, canvas and some common symbols for flow chart/diagram.

The application really fit my needs. The only  missing thing is a feature to export the diagram into PDF file, but that’s OK.

NicEdit: Lightweight Web Based WYSIWYG Editor

After a couple of years using TinyMCE as my prefered web based WYSIWYG editor, I started to look at another one. My brand new star is Nice Edit, a lightweight text editor that come with basic styling tools.

NicEdit web based WYSIWYG editor

What I like from this editor is NicEdit doesn’t use another HTML page to load its tools, it just ‘draw’ it on the screen. Amazingly, it’s only using one image for all the menus, using image as sprite.

I don’t like when TinyMCE loads another file to display link properties or image properties. It’s wasting time, eat up web space and more bandwidth to waste.

Although NicEdit isn’t as complete as TinyMCE, but it fit my needs. It gives me simplicity.