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Yet Another Mistake Doer

This is regarding to my previous entry about MD5 password generator.

Today I have a li’l conversation with a friend of mine and he *proudly* told me that he made a simple script to generate MD5 hashed password as screenshot above. Then we loughing together! Ha.ha.ha.

Big Papa is Dying!

Dear readers, due to heavy earthquake in Taiwan and cut off 6 main fiber optics beneath the ocean, many Asian countries got their internet connection disturbed.

It happen since the countries are using Taiwan’s link as the backbone, and when the link is cut off.. Kaboom!! You’re out off the cyberworld.

Hope everything gonna be alrite. Hope there aren’t so many victims in Taiwan.. Let’s cross the finger upon your heart ^_*

Happy Holidays

happy holidays

Happy Holidays everybody!!
I’m not celebrating the Holidays but wishing you a Happy Holidays ^_*
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Programmer vs Designer

Living as a programmer can be a nightmare for me when I’m in a rush to deadline and I got crappy HTML file with so many useless code such as tons of
tags that he (designer) use to “draw” the layout. And such designer I call them stupid designers!

Programmers living inside the code, so please give me neat and clean code so I can finish my job a lot faster. And you, as you have decided to live as a web designer, LEARN how to “draw” proper HTML!! Get inside the code, NOT only in WYSIWYG mode!!

Thanks God it not happen in my office where I work. The designer‘s jobs are neat and clean. I like it.. I like it..

If you’re having the same problem, let’s spread the chain and say NO to supid designers!

5th Bubu Awards Just Begun!

5th Bubu Awards Logo

Bubu Awards, one of anual Indonesian web design competition just begun. There are three participant categories. For Students, Individuals and Corporates. Nice prizes will belong to the winners. And after all, you’ll be famous.

Just go to 5th Bubu Awards Official Page to take your part. Just one sad thing to say, its official page uses frame that most people I don’t like.

Stupid Linux User

I visited MediaTech Expo ’06 at Mandala Bakti Wanitatama building, this afternoon. Then I went to laptop booth and saw there are some laptops with Linux installed on it.

Sound like a good news, because most people here using pirated Windows for their operating system. So I got closer just to find out what distro they might use. Seem it’s Mandriva.. I opened the shell…

Voila, I got root!

Yeah, naughty is my middle name. I created user with my sweet and famous nickname, sandal. Leaving some message for the owner and do some bad thing with the laptops he.he.

Don’t be worry, I didn’t have enough time to write rm -rf *.* ^_*


Slackware 11.0 Released

Just to let you know that Slakware 11.0 is out! Just visit this official announcement page of Slackware 11.0