Tiga Versi Browser Opera Untuk Komputer

November 11, 2014 | Browsers, Komputer, Opera, Tech, Technical Stuffs

Kurang lebih sejak bulan Agustus 2013, Opera Software memiliki tiga versi browser Opera untuk komputer yang bisa dicoba oleh seluruh pengguna Opera di seluruh dunia. Ketiga versi tersebut adalah Stable, Beta, dan Developer stream.

Screenshot Opera untuk Windows

Apa saja perbedaan dari ketiga rilis browser Opera untuk komputer tersebut? Berikut ini penjelasan singkatnya, semoga mudah dipahami.



Blackberry Should Put Opera Browser Into Their Devices

April 13, 2009 | Browsers | , , , , , ,

Most of my friends who own Blackberry will also install Opera Mini into their gadget. They know that Blackberry devices already equiped with web browser but it failed to fit my friends’ needs. Too bad, there’s no official Opera Mini for Blackberry yet.

The Opera Team has this initiative to build Opera Mini specified for Blackberry devices but the RIM doesn’t want it.

I think Blackberry should considerring to put Opera Mini or Opera Mobile into their devices. It’s cheaper than create their own browser. Hire the best for the job.

Simply hire Mario and Luigi to fix your broken plumb instead of fixing it yourself.


Safari & Opera, The Facts

March 3, 2009 | Browsers | , , ,

Here is a collections of notes I found everywhere on the Net, about Safari’s new features. Quotes below are taken from a discussion entitled Deceptive Marketing on Safari 4:

  • RSS Reader
    Safari was the first browser that allowed reading of RSS feeds.

    On December 19th, 2003 Opera QA announces support for RSS in Opera 7.50 Preview 1.

  • Built-in Google Search
    Safari was the first popular browser to build a search field into its user interface.

    On December 6, 2000 Opera 5 was released with an integrated search field.

  • CSS 3 Web Fonts
    Safari was the first browser to automatically recognize websites that use custom fonts and download them as needed.

    Opera 10 Alpha, which was announced on December 4th, 2008 included support for web fonts.

  • Inline Progress Indicator
    Safari was the first browser to move the progress indicator into the address field, making it more visible and freeing up space for web content.

    On October 26, 2004, Opera 7.6 TP2 included a progress field in the address bar as seen under the heading “OK, preview 2 of V7.6 has finally been released” on the page in the link.

  • HTML 5 Media Support
    Websites can now deliver rich, interactive media as easily as they deliver images. The first browser to support HTML 5 audio and video tags, Safari helps developers create media-rich sites that don’t require additional plug-ins.

    On April 17, 2007, Opera Labs announced an experimental version of Opera 9.5 with support for the video HTML element.

  • Download Management
    Safari was the first popular browser with a download management window. Use it to view the progress of your downloads; pause, resume, or cancel a transfer; or find the location of downloaded files.

    Where they have been? In a cave?

  • Tabs Organizing
    Safari was the first browser to let you organize tabs by dragging and dropping

    If they don’t count Opera and Chrome, it is true.

Here are some other thoughts, with original source (link) included.

  • I thought Apple never copies anyone? Wheres the innovation? It seems more like a Chrome Clone… (source)
  • Fans of Opera’s Speed Dial and Google Chrome will say that Safari 4’s “Top Sites” page looks awfully familiar. Like Chrome, Top Sites shows a thumbnail grid of web sites you’ve visited based on frequency, which changes as your browser history does over time… (source)
  • Well, it seems like Apple’s new web browser “marketing campaign” is most of the time based on lies… (source)


Apple’s Safari 4 and some facts

February 24, 2009 | Browsers | , , , , ,

Apple has just released their beta version of Safari 4 with some improvement and featured with some new inventions,  while in fact is that another browser has been using Safari’s new features since a long time ago.

Safari 4 screenshot

Just to mention a few: in Safari 4, there is Top Sites which is equivalent to Speed Dial in Opera, also full page zoom that Opera has been using since 1996.

And hey, they claim that Safari 4 is the first browser that implement RSS reader feature!

For further facts, you can read fantastic article from Dustin Wilson, The Great Feature Train Robbery.


Carakan, Opera’s Javascript Engine

February 9, 2009 | Browsers, Javascript | , , , , , ,

OperaA few days ago, Opera Software announced their newly born javascript engine for their future web browser. The engine’s named Carakan, the name was taken from Javanese ancient alphabet. Carakan is pronounced as cha-ra-kan, as cha in charm word. There is another name for javanese alphabet, hanacaraka, but carakan seem fit to this newly born javascript engine.

Why Carakan? Based on their FAQ page, carakan is real javanese letter/script. So the engine named Carakan will be the true javascript, or the purest javascript engine. Sound cool.

I and Agung were curious that the name carakan was from Bruce Lawson. We read his blog post about proper java script, there is a picture of original javanese alphabet there. Well, no matter who get the idea for the name, I proud that Opera named their javascript engine as carakan.

At the same time, they also announced Vega, Opera’s new hardware accelerated vector graphics library.


Peek at your browser detection script

December 31, 2008 | Browsers, Out Of Topics

As Opera released the first two digit version of browser in the world, web developers should look at their browser detection script. The scripts are using regex code that will parse the user agent signature provided by every browsers. Most of them are only capable to detect one digit of browser version, thus Opera 10 mostly would be detected as Opera 1.

Later on, it’s just one day before 2009, I would like to say happy new year to all of you. Hopefuly the year will be great for us developer, and the greatest hope I have is to see Internet Explorer to be more developer friendly as it was known as best developer’s nightmare.

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Opera 9.6 Quick Review

October 9, 2008 | Browsers | , ,

Opera 9.60Yesterday I downloaded Opera 9.6 for my ZenWalk linux at the first day release. It’s interesting because in the past I have to wait for 1-2 days before the tar ball is ready for my linux distro. Can’t wait any longer, I installed it on my machine. My first impression was there were seem no improvement at all, unless the Opera scroll marker.

Then I took a look at its email client, I was surprised because there were 5000+ messages in the trash! I read some messages randomly and found that the messages were the orphaned mail, messages that lost in the past due to Opera crash.

In the previous version of Opera, I have my mail crashed a few times and I have to create new email account and lost my downloaded messages. Then I see them there, inside the trash. So I quickly empty the trash, Opera run faster than before. Great!

Now I feel that this is the most stable Opera release for Linux. And I love it so! 😀


Google Chrome At Glance

September 2, 2008 | Browsers, Reviews | ,

Just a few hours ago, I’ve downloaded Google Chrome and give it a try using Windows XP running on VirtualBox. Interesting browser, fast and very user friendly. But I got a difficulty when I need to change the language into English (the default was set into Bahasa Indonesia, with funny translation).

Google Chrome

I was thinking that this is a hybrid of Opera and Firefox, adopting the good parts and patch their leak. For example, something like Paste and Go is a familiar thing in Opera. Also the thumbnail for most visited pages remind me about Speed Dial in Opera.

I love the task manager, incognito mode, and the way they use tabs. Very handy and visually appealing.

But I think this browser miss some features: option to enable and disable stylesheet and option to display or not display image from web page. Menu to enable or disable javascript or plugin is also missing. But I can say this is very good for the first beta release 🙂


Google Chrome, seem to be a promising browser

September 2, 2008 | Browsers | , ,

Browser war are now getting hot with the future brand new browser from Google, named Google Chrome:

Screenshoot of Google Chrome

Using Webkit engine, Google is going to create a browser with a different approach. They say that all current browsers are old style while current people need a new browser that can adopt the new web generation.

For me, the best part is the usage of memory alocation for each tab. It’s very cool because I do hate to close browser with entire tabs just because one single mistake on a single tab. Please take a look at the comic to see what this browser would look like. Too bad, Windows version will be released first.

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Midori Web Browser

August 23, 2008 | Browsers

Midori is a brand new web browser built using webkits and still on its heavy development to become a reliable web browser for daily uses.

Midori Web Browser

Based on information from Midori’s official page, there are several features provided:

  • Full integration with GTK+ 2
  • Fast rendering with WebKit
  • Tabs, windows and session management
  • Bookmarks with XBEL and token support
  • Flexibly configurable Web Searchbox
  • Custom context menu actions
  • User scripts and user styles support
  • Extensible via Javascript

My own review is this browser NOT good enough for my daily browsing activities but looks very promising in the future. Go ahead Midori! 🙂

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