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Tiga Versi Browser Opera Untuk Komputer

Kurang lebih sejak bulan Agustus 2013, Opera Software memiliki tiga versi browser Opera untuk komputer yang bisa dicoba oleh seluruh pengguna Opera di seluruh dunia. Ketiga versi tersebut adalah Stable, Beta, dan Developer stream. Apa saja perbedaan dari ketiga rilis browser Opera untuk komputer tersebut? Berikut ini penjelasan singkatnya, semoga mudah dipahami.

Blackberry Should Put Opera Browser Into Their Devices 2

Blackberry Should Put Opera Browser Into Their Devices

Most of my friends who own Blackberry will also install Opera Mini into their gadget. They know that Blackberry devices already equiped with web browser but it failed to fit my friends’ needs. Too bad, there’s no official Opera Mini for Blackberry yet. The Opera Team has this initiative to build Opera Mini specified for...

Safari & Opera, The Facts 7

Safari & Opera, The Facts

Here is a collections of notes I found everywhere on the Net, about Safari’s new features. Quotes below are taken from a discussion entitled Deceptive Marketing on Safari 4: RSS Reader Safari was the first browser that allowed reading of RSS feeds. On December 19th, 2003 Opera QA announces support for RSS in Opera 7.50...

Apple’s Safari 4 and some facts 4

Apple’s Safari 4 and some facts

Apple has just released their beta version of Safari 4 with some improvement and featured with some new inventions,  while in fact is that another browser has been using Safari’s new features since a long time ago. Just to mention a few: in Safari 4, there is Top Sites which is equivalent to Speed Dial...

Carakan, Opera’s Javascript Engine 2

Carakan, Opera’s Javascript Engine

A few days ago, Opera Software announced their newly born javascript engine for their future web browser. The engine’s named Carakan, the name was taken from Javanese ancient alphabet. Carakan is pronounced as cha-ra-kan, as cha in charm word. There is another name for javanese alphabet, hanacaraka, but carakan seem fit to this newly born javascript...

Peek at your browser detection script 0

Peek at your browser detection script

As Opera released the first two digit version of browser in the world, web developers should look at their browser detection script. The scripts are using regex code that will parse the user agent signature provided by every browsers. Most of them are only capable to detect one digit of browser version, thus Opera 10...

Opera 9.6 Quick Review 2

Opera 9.6 Quick Review

Yesterday I downloaded Opera 9.6 for my ZenWalk linux at the first day release. It’s interesting because in the past I have to wait for 1-2 days before the tar ball is ready for my linux distro. Can’t wait any longer, I installed it on my machine. My first impression was there were seem no...

Google Chrome At Glance 4

Google Chrome At Glance

Just a few hours ago, I’ve downloaded Google Chrome and give it a try using Windows XP running on VirtualBox. Interesting browser, fast and very user friendly. But I got a difficulty when I need to change the language into English (the default was set into Bahasa Indonesia, with funny translation). I was thinking that...

Google Chrome, seem to be a promising browser 0

Google Chrome, seem to be a promising browser

Browser war are now getting hot with the future brand new browser from Google, named Google Chrome: Using Webkit engine, Google is going to create a browser with a different approach. They say that all current browsers are old style while current people need a new browser that can adopt the new web generation. For...

Midori Web Browser 0

Midori Web Browser

Midori is a brand new web browser built using webkits and still on its heavy development to become a reliable web browser for daily uses. Based on information from Midori’s official page, there are several features provided: Full integration with GTK+ 2 Fast rendering with WebKit Tabs, windows and session management Bookmarks with XBEL and...