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Tell Me About Stocks, Please

My knowledge in financial stuffs like stocks, foreign exchange, money management, financial planning –or any money-related lingo– is very shallow. But I always feel the desire every time I see numbers and some short codes on stock markets video footages or Bloomberg channel.

Yes, learning how to sell/buy stocks is in my wish list. But I still dunno where to start.

I have visited Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, and some so called financial websites.. Too bad, I still don’t get  light bulb turned on over my head. I hope readers of this blog can give any clue, or lead me to the best clue 🙂

I have read about Timothy Sykes as well, visited his website about best penny stocks and amazed with all the numbers over there. How to get into that numbers?

I believe I can do that. I never studied programming before but able to write programs. This way, I believe I can learn and understanding stocks. Later on, I can write a program that will help me selling/buying stocks, rite? 😀

Now it’s time to list any references, collecting e-books, make a savings, and perhaps buying some book/DVD tutorials. A long way to go but it will be a great journey.

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  1. Some says the most easiest to understand about stocks or money related development is to give yourself enough knowledge about what’s going on in your local government. Market (stock exchange) mostly reacted according to government newest policy or achievement. Extreme respond how govt. policy have strong influence on stocks (or exchange or other money management) happened during late Bush Jr administration in US. Not only US market have changed but also worldwide. On local RI case, it happened when Soeharto fell from his crown on 97-98.

    So one of the keys to understand market trending is government policy and plans. (*e.g. foreign exchange during the ‘musim haji’. Every year we can clearly see the pattern on it. Spot it then you know what I mean*)

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