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02 September 2008 21:02:37 WIB, under category Browsers,Reviews

Just a few hours ago, I’ve downloaded Google Chrome and give it a try using Windows XP running on VirtualBox. Interesting browser, fast and very user friendly. But I got a difficulty when I need to change the language into English (the default was set into Bahasa Indonesia, with funny translation).

Google Chrome

I was thinking that this is a hybrid of Opera and Firefox, adopting the good parts and patch their leak. For example, something like Paste and Go is a familiar thing in Opera. Also the thumbnail for most visited pages remind me about Speed Dial in Opera.

I love the task manager, incognito mode, and the way they use tabs. Very handy and visually appealing.

But I think this browser miss some features: option to enable and disable stylesheet and option to display or not display image from web page. Menu to enable or disable javascript or plugin is also missing. But I can say this is very good for the first beta release :)

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  1. hebiryu
    02 September 2008, 22:37:43 WIB

    wah thanx infonya :) sayangnya karena blon ada firebug makanya belon enak klo buat development. btw klo buat jalanin aplikasi2 google gimana ?

  2. widik
    06 September 2008, 00:08:11 WIB

    wah boleh dicoba tuh. Thanks infonya..

  3. Rahmat Miftahul Habib
    07 January 2009, 09:18:13 WIB

    Compared with Opera, what do you think? It has weakness? What about the strength?

  4. ajureni
    15 August 2010, 18:59:19 WIB

    blh tuh di coba,,,

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