Google Chrome At Glance

September 2, 2008 | Browsers, Reviews | ,

Just a few hours ago, I’ve downloaded Google Chrome and give it a try using Windows XP running on VirtualBox. Interesting browser, fast and very user friendly. But I got a difficulty when I need to change the language into English (the default was set into Bahasa Indonesia, with funny translation).

Google Chrome

I was thinking that this is a hybrid of Opera and Firefox, adopting the good parts and patch their leak. For example, something like Paste and Go is a familiar thing in Opera. Also the thumbnail for most visited pages remind me about Speed Dial in Opera.

I love the task manager, incognito mode, and the way they use tabs. Very handy and visually appealing.

But I think this browser miss some features: option to enable and disable stylesheet and option to display or not display image from web page. Menu to enable or disable javascript or plugin is also missing. But I can say this is very good for the first beta release 🙂


Google Chrome, seem to be a promising browser

September 2, 2008 | Browsers | , ,

Browser war are now getting hot with the future brand new browser from Google, named Google Chrome:

Screenshoot of Google Chrome

Using Webkit engine, Google is going to create a browser with a different approach. They say that all current browsers are old style while current people need a new browser that can adopt the new web generation.

For me, the best part is the usage of memory alocation for each tab. It’s very cool because I do hate to close browser with entire tabs just because one single mistake on a single tab. Please take a look at the comic to see what this browser would look like. Too bad, Windows version will be released first.

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