The Faces of Yogyakarta

30 October 2008 01:10:37 WIB, under category Uncategorized

A few nights ago, I attended a launching party of a new website named made by some bloggers from Yogyakarta. Wajah Jogja means The Face(s) of Jogja (Jogja is refered to Yogyakarta), a blog that writes about people who reside in Yogyakarta.

People whom their name and story written in the blog didn't have to be a great or famous person. It could be some grocerry seller, a mad man living on the street, a pedicab driver, a student etc.

Wajah Jogja also accepts article written by everyone as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Approximately 2500 characters
  • It has unique story and never published before
  • Using Bahasa Indonesia and pay attention on the grammar
  • A photo of the subject

Please also read the complete writing guidelines. If you can't read article written in Bahasa Indonesia, you can use Google Translate to translate the article.

17 Comments so far..

  1. aladya
    13 November 2008, 07:11:52 WIB

    Misi..Hmm.. Web yg keren..Slm bwt mbah bilal y, a sk batik.. :flirt::)

  2. aladya
    16 November 2008, 16:11:16 WIB

    Sore..Ad org g y?Numpang :coffee: ahh..Met w'end yah..:cool:

  3. sandalian
    16 November 2008, 21:11:26 WIB

    Hadiiir 😀

  4. aladya
    16 November 2008, 21:11:54 WIB

    Mlm bener hdir na…Hmm..

  5. sandalian
    17 November 2008, 05:11:32 WIB

    he he iya, tadi ngenet dulu sebelum tidur :Ddah bangun mbak?

  6. aladya
    17 November 2008, 13:11:06 WIB

    Ciaank..Gi g da org lg neh..Y udh, nyelonong aj k dpr mw bikin :coffee: ..Yaaa..:(Gula na abis..Dek.. (pggl adek aj yah drpd sandal), Plg ker mampir bli gula dl ya! :up::D

  7. sandalian
    17 November 2008, 16:11:41 WIB

    Yah embak, duitku habis.. minta dong.

  8. aladya
    17 November 2008, 20:11:13 WIB

    Nyoh.. Tak gawano gulo.. Kopi ne tuku dw yo.. Eh tp drpd bli kopi+gula sndri mending ngopi d warung yg ad wifi na aj, 5rb bs ngenet sepuasna.. It jg kl muka tebel krn d pendeli'i trz ma pelayanx..

  9. sandalian
    17 November 2008, 23:11:01 WIB

    Ha.ha. Bener banget mbak. Tapi minimal bawa 10rb ah, mosok duduk 4 jam cuma kemasukan secangkir kopi?

  10. aladya
    19 November 2008, 10:11:27 WIB

    :lol:4jam kmsukan kopi doang..?!Keriting, kriting deh ntu cacing…:lol:

  11. aladya
    19 November 2008, 10:11:45 WIB

    Siang..Siang yg mendung.. Gelap..:coffee:Met krj :up:

  12. sandalian
    19 November 2008, 11:11:35 WIB

    Jogja gelap sekarang, untukng cucian udah saya angkatin 😀

  13. aladya
    19 November 2008, 11:11:44 WIB

    Hmm.. Ank yg rajin.. Tp it bkn cucian 3hr yll kn? 😆

  14. sandalian
    19 November 2008, 16:11:59 WIB

    Bukan dong, itu cucian seminggu yang lalu *halah*

  15. kembangp3t3
    23 November 2008, 17:11:34 WIB

    Wah…Kok gak nulis jowo tho kang ndal.? *aku gak mudheng enggris je..

  16. poeshoe
    26 November 2008, 17:11:53 WIB

    ikut nibrung ah.. :p di cek tuh cuciannya..kali aja ada yangkebawa puting beliung 😆

  17. sandalian
    27 November 2008, 06:11:25 WIB

    Tenang.. Tenang..Nggak ada yang kebawa angin kok, udah kujepit ama jepitaan jemuran 😛 😛

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