Vox is closing

I registered on Vox.com service at Aug 15th, 2006; four years ago. It was a nice blogging platform, members are not allowed to modify its theme but they can choose any cool theme designs that Vox provide. Here is screenshot of my blog located at http://sandal.vox.com : But the service is nearly over, Vox is […]

Shoes Attack in Iraq

The great shoes attack in Iraq has triggered many reactions which almost all of them are supporting the journalist action.Picture above was drawn by Diki, he blogged this memorable moment entitled Shoes Attack :up: :up:

The Faces of Yogyakarta

A few nights ago, I attended a launching party of a new website named wajahjogja.com made by some bloggers from Yogyakarta. Wajah Jogja means The Face(s) of Jogja (Jogja is refered to Yogyakarta), a blog that writes about people who reside in Yogyakarta. People whom their name and story written in the blog didn't have […]

Blog Again???

hi..hi…smiling to myself… does blog service necessary? I already have my own blog! When i joined friendster, it offered me blog. Again, when I joined opera comunity, it has a blog too. oh my good.. Too much blog will kill me… no wonder… blog rules the net! 😛 😛