Cop Out – Yes, Out!

27 April 2010 05:51:22 WIB, under category Gak Penting

Jika Anda penggemar film action, saya sangat tidak menyarankan Anda untuk menonton film ini. Adegan paling keras yang dilakukan Bruce Willis di film ini adalah ditabrak mobil dan memanjat jendela. SRSLY.

Movie Trailer: Merantau

07 May 2009 12:05:34 WIB, under category Uncategorized

Merantau Trailer (SD) from Merantau Films on Vimeo.

Merantau is a movie about young man of Minang who wanders into a big city. As many people has known, young men of Minang have to leave their hometown and take their own adventure.

What I like from this movie is the hero play martial art with karambit, a traditional knive of Indonesia which is well known by knive lovers all around the world. :up:

Can't wait to see the movie! :yes: