I got a new mate!

It's a new Sony Ericsson M600i. The phone I dream of, one year ago and finally I can have it a few days ago. It came with Opera 8.6 for Symbian UIQ but not too handy for me. After I installed Opera Mini, it became the best mobile device I ever had! :yes:

Now I can't go without mGooi, the name I gave to this phone. :wizard:

One thing I don't realy like is the 64mb memory stick. It's too small and upgrading to the bigger one is rather exepensive. So I only put some jazz songs there, to kill a time when I'm alone.

Does anyone have any site references where I can get themes, applications and else for my new m600i?

Have a great Monday, everyone! :cheers:


  1. decaspecht

    Nice mate 🙂 I want one of this too.. hehe

  2. pingky

    opera mini really a cooollll stufffff ^^and did m600 :yes: good choice

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