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Perbedaan Opera, Opera Mini, dan Opera Max di Android

Saya mendapatkan request untuk menulis tentang perbedaan browser Opera, Opera Mini, dan Opera Max dari Mas Arief, kakak kelas saya jaman SMA dulu. Selain dari Mas Arief, sebelumnya saya sering mendapat pertanyaan yang sama juga dari teman-teman yang lain.

opera for android vs opera mini vs opera max in playstore

Berikut ini penjelasan sesingkat mungkin mengenai perbedaan browser Opera, Opera Mini, dan Opera Max. Semoga mudah untuk dipahami.

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Spread Opera across Archipelago

As seen on States of the mobile Web, Indonesia is the leading country for Opera Mini users all around the world. With this great number of users, Indonesia is a very promising market for Opera.

Top countries snapshot

Most of My Opera Community members from Indonesia whom I know use only cellphone to write blog post, upload photos and make friends. Some of them don't even have any PC nor able to operate PC. Based on this phenomenon, what Opera needs is not a fancy technology –because Opera already has it– but rather a way to make Opera Mini's user's life become easy and easier.

And it was an amazing thing when I received a private message from my childhood friend through Facebook because as far I know there wasn't any internet connection in my parent's hometown. He managed to send me private message using his only cheap cellphone, using Opera Mini! :up:

It passionates me more. I fall in love with Opera and start to recommend this browser to friends, friends of friends and as many people as I could. Now they come to me every time they have problem or question with Opera. And I love to answer their question, not forget to mention Tamil's blog that helps me much.

Later on, to spread Opera features all over Indonesian users, I have made a blog named Opera ID. It's written in Indonesian language and is a fun project. Well, it's not my first blog about Opera. I wrote any posts related to Opera on my personal blog and I was happy when Opera Watch put a link into it.

I'm very sure with the wide spread of cellphone all over Indonesian archipelago, more people will get connected into Internet and into each other. And by the help of Opera Mini, knowledges are belong to all human being.

Credit: A photo of woman with cellphone was taken from amity3's Flickr.

A Hope, Opera Mini Proxy in Indonesia

As a second position of Opera Mini worldwide users, I think Opera must have proxy server here in Indonesia.

Indonesia has its own internet line called IIX (indonesia internet exchange) as internet backbone. Servers that are located in IiX server will be fast if it's accessed from within Indonesia area. Unfortunately, they're damn slow when they're accessed from other countries.

Some friends of mine have complained about how slow their website when it's accessed using Opera Mini, and it's because the server is located in Indonesia.

Opera Mini will retrieve data using proxy server in Norway and US. If I use Opera Mini to access my website that's located in IIX server, it means that I access my own website from US/Norway before it's delivered into my cellphone later.

With the availability of Opera's proxy server in Indonesia, Opera Mini users from Indonesia will be able to access their local website easily.

I think Opera can get partner to develop proxy server in Indonesia easily. Indonesia is a great developing country with many great local contents.

Install Opera Mini 5

Cuma mo pasang gambar pas tadi instal Opera Mini 5 di ponsel kesayangan, Sony Ericsson M600i hihi..

I like it! :flirt: :flirt:

I feel like I bring my laptop everywhere

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Wherever I bring my cellphone, I feel like I bring my laptop everywhere. Thanks to Opera that invented Opera Link, a technology that connect my laptop to my cellphone. I can easily add bookmark, notes and speed dial on my laptop (using Opera browser) and then I can access them using my cellphone, and vice versa.

Here is an example of how Opera Link ease my life. When I was in a bus, I read some exciting news but I was out of concern because the bus was crowded. So what I did was bookmarking the URL into my cellphone using Opera Mini. Later, I would be able to open the mentioned URL directly using my laptop. I don't even need to 'transfer' the data between cellphone and laptop, it's done automatically. :up:

It can also synchronizes notes, Speed Dials, and bookmark between your laptop and PC or to any other device with Opera installed in it.

One day, my friend asked me about the progress of my job (I always write my job's progress in Opera notes). I didn't bring my laptop and my cellphone was running out its battery so I couldn't use Opera Mini to read them.

It's also impossible to back home to pick my laptop. So I borrowed his laptop, logged into my Opera Link account using any available browser in his laptop.

Voila, my bookmarks, notes and Speed Dials appeared directly on the web so I could access them using my friend's laptop without any additional software or setting. It's amazing man!

All we have to do to use these great service is an account on My Opera. Although it's free but we'll get a blog, photo gallery, 1 GB file storage and access to any Opera services available in the world. :yes:

Blackberry Should Put Opera Browser Into Their Devices

Most of my friends who own Blackberry will also install Opera Mini into their gadget. They know that Blackberry devices already equiped with web browser but it failed to fit my friends’ needs. Too bad, there’s no official Opera Mini for Blackberry yet.

The Opera Team has this initiative to build Opera Mini specified for Blackberry devices but the RIM doesn’t want it.

I think Blackberry should considerring to put Opera Mini or Opera Mobile into their devices. It’s cheaper than create their own browser. Hire the best for the job.

Simply hire Mario and Luigi to fix your broken plumb instead of fixing it yourself.

Opera Mini In The Daily Life

I must admit that I can't get away from internet. Thus I always find any way to put me on the Net. And Opera Mini help me a lot.

I've tried several mobile browsers but none of them fit my needs. I love its data compression, zoom and panning feature, enable and disable image easily, nice interface and the greatest bless is Link Opera. It safes my life many times!

Now I'm hoping that Opera Mini will be bundled with Fingertouch and Tabbed browsing :up: