Blackberry Should Put Opera Browser Into Their Devices

Most of my friends who own Blackberry will also install Opera Mini into their gadget. They know that Blackberry devices already equiped with web browser but it failed to fit my friends’ needs. Too bad, there’s no official Opera Mini for Blackberry yet.

The Opera Team has this initiative to build Opera Mini specified for Blackberry devices but the RIM doesn’t want it.

I think Blackberry should considerring to put Opera Mini or Opera Mobile into their devices. It’s cheaper than create their own browser. Hire the best for the job.

Simply hire Mario and Luigi to fix your broken plumb instead of fixing it yourself.


  1. RIM/Blackberry has big issues on their browser, if company have a (m)obile website, it wouldn’t be much problem, at least we can skip something.

  2. errr…. tapi pake browser bawaannya bb asik kok, walau gag secanggih opera mini, tapi lumayan lebih cepet mbukanya… 😀

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