Get Building Report Before Buying It

Buying a property (house, building, etc) is not a simple deal. We must be sure that the building is worth every pennies we spent. And it's not a simple task to check a building for any defects or other cons.

Fortunately, some companies have specialize their service for this purpose. They will perform a detailed check up of the building for us with various range of prices. Among of the companies are childspropertyinspections.com.au.

They will check rising damp with decent moisture meters, shower leaks (including past leaks), timber decay or termite damage, cracks in external brickwork and internal walls, roof tile condition, sub-floor ventilation and drainage.

The important part is roof inspection. I think they will climb up and check what is above the ceilings, the most unvisited place of a building. I can imagine if I have to check it myself.

After they check the building, they will give us detailed report about the building on a 20-25 pages of inspection report. The report will include list of defects, repair cost for any defects found, and also digital photos of the inspection.

The report is purely based on their inspection, not computer generated. With the report, we can reconsider to see if the building is worth the money or just a a pile of bricks.

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