Bloggers plan to clean the beach from rubish

Picture above is the logo for Yogyakarta bloggers next event. Named Bloger Bekisar, which stands for "Bloger bersih-bersih di sekitar mercusuar" or "Bloggers cleaning out area suround lighthouse". If you notice, we use single g for blogger (bloger, instead of blogger) because Yogyakarta bloggers are agreed to write blogger as bloger, with single g letter :p

The beach where the lighthouse is located was very clean but now very dirty. Look at picture below and you will see how dirty the beach is :doh:

We will clean the beach at January 27th 2007. Any of you, blogger or not, may join this event for free. We will gather at Vredeburg Castle (Yogyakarta) at 6 am and go to Pandansari beach together at 7 am. Don't forget to bring your own meals :cheers:

For further information please visit http://antobilang.wordpress.com/2008/01/20/bloger-bekisar/ or leave your comment here. :yes:

One thought on “Bloggers plan to clean the beach from rubish
  1. Top bngt mas atas usahanya. Beberapa bln yg lalu aku ke ancol…Yah, mash bnyk aja yg buang botol minum, puntung rokok, bungkus2 makanan di laut.

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