My Sunday Coffee

24 August 2008 19:08:17 WIB, under category Uncategorized

This evening I was hanging out with some mates and enjoying the time along. It's on a place named Coffee Break, and I ordered a cup of Torajan coffee.

Goop also ordered same coffee as mine and he was surprised because the coffee tasted a little bit sour.

Picture above is my coffee with my cellphone, the one that I use to write this blog.

Well, happy sunday everybody. 5 hours in the future will be monday, so don't hate the day please :cheers:

Wild Berries

28 April 2008 02:04:37 WIB, under category Uncategorized

I found this berries at my previous vacation on Mount Lawu, they spread along with Raspberries. I don't know what kind of berry they are but they are bigger than raspberries, almost the same size as strawberry. They have sour taste but not so juicy :whistle:

I picked some of the fresh-looking berries and ate them, very tasty. After eating ten or more berries, my stomach were fulfilled :yes:

See two more photos at my Wild Berries photo album. :yes:

Turdus poliocephalus stresemanni

24 April 2008 02:04:15 WIB, under category Uncategorized


This bird’s name in Latin is Turdus poliocephalus stresemanni, in Indonesia it’s called as Anis Gunung or Anis of the Mountain. While local people call them Jalak Gading (Ivory Jalak).

I met this kind of bird on my last vacation, I was hiking with my girl friend at Lawu Mountain, Indonesia. The bird are spreading from half up to the peak of the mountain. Therefore this bird also called as friend of the hikers.

It was fun to see the birds playing surround us 😀

Thanks to Pakdhe for this bird’s information.


PS: I also uploaded this bird image to Wikipedia.

Bloggers plan to clean the beach from rubish

23 January 2008 18:01:40 WIB, under category Uncategorized

Picture above is the logo for Yogyakarta bloggers next event. Named Bloger Bekisar, which stands for "Bloger bersih-bersih di sekitar mercusuar" or "Bloggers cleaning out area suround lighthouse". If you notice, we use single g for blogger (bloger, instead of blogger) because Yogyakarta bloggers are agreed to write blogger as bloger, with single g letter :p

The beach where the lighthouse is located was very clean but now very dirty. Look at picture below and you will see how dirty the beach is :doh:

We will clean the beach at January 27th 2007. Any of you, blogger or not, may join this event for free. We will gather at Vredeburg Castle (Yogyakarta) at 6 am and go to Pandansari beach together at 7 am. Don't forget to bring your own meals :cheers:

For further information please visit or leave your comment here. :yes:

Sunday with nothing to do

09 September 2007 15:09:56 WIB, under category Uncategorized

Yeah, it's just a boring sunday. Sitting all day long in front of my laptop with nothing to do. Just browsing and chatting.

I wish I have a physical activity. Any idea?