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Now I put my butt over a wooden chair on a local cafe with two friends. It was five but two of us had left. Spending the nite here with coffee, tea, salads etc with a friendly prices and free internet connection. I do have my own internet connection at home but I can't get […]


I'm enjoying my coffee at the same cafe as I wrote yesterday, enjoying the independent day of Indonesia. The best thing is from my country, among other things, is the freedom. I know that government failed to provide jobs for the citizen, but this made the citizen strugling their life and raised up their head […]


Now I'm sitting on a chair at the corner side of Djendelo Kafe, enjoying my black coffee and melted ice cream. It's a very nice play to do my job though. I can order a few menu and stay here as long as I wanted :yes: Can you imagine, my coffe only cost US$ 0.5 […]