Opera University Tours – Chapter Yogyakarta

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Last week, I got a chance to join a seminar held by Opera and Gadjah Mada University. Yes I missed Pesta Blogger but I got another good event for my weekend. I wrote about the seminar in my another blog.

And today I walked around the Net, found this photo gallery:

Visit this photo gallery to view all images.

Related link, a blog post by ODIN about Opera Indonesian Tour. Thanks guys! :up:


Hotspot Hunter

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Now I put my butt over a wooden chair on a local cafe with two friends. It was five but two of us had left. Spending the nite here with coffee, tea, salads etc with a friendly prices and free internet connection.

I do have my own internet connection at home but I can't get tea, salad etc rite? 😀


Happily Sunday!

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I'm enjoying my coffee at the same cafe as I wrote yesterday, enjoying the independent day of Indonesia.

The best thing is from my country, among other things, is the freedom. I know that government failed to provide jobs for the citizen, but this made the citizen strugling their life and raised up their head to get more welfare, and made them stronger.

Enough for the contemplation, I wanna taste my black coffee :cheers:


Simple Saturday Afternoon

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Now I'm sitting on a chair at the corner side of Djendelo Kafe, enjoying my black coffee and melted ice cream. It's a very nice play to do my job though. I can order a few menu and stay here as long as I wanted :yes:

Can you imagine, my coffe only cost US$ 0.5 and so is my ice cream. And I've been here since 4 hours ago, enjoying the free WiFi internet connection.

Can you find any place like this near your location? US$ 1 for a cup of coffee, ice cream and unlimited internet access. That's why I love Jogja, Indonesia! :yes:

Have a great weekend everybody :cheers:


Write Your Own Story With Your Own Friends

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Herman Saksono, a well known serious blogger from CahAndong.org launched a web application named Cerpenista.com yesterday with a simple but happy garden party located at Wisma Joglo, Yogyakarta. :up:

Cerpenista, in a simple words is a collaborative writing tool. You can start a new story, write some sentences then let your friends continue the story. You can provide guideline but without it would make the story become unpredictable. Very interesting :yes:

I thought it would be a simple party but in fact there are some famous bloggers who willing to spend their time to attend this launching party, made the launching party became greater than my expectation. Just a few to mention, there were Pakdhe Wicak, Pakdhe Mbilung, Paman Tyo, Mas Iman and some dozens more.

After some short introduction from Herman Saksono as the founder and code writter and Paman Tyo as bussines partner, we also performed a live demo of how Cerpenista works. At the photos, shown Pakdhe Wicak, Nining, Zam and Funkshit demoing the application and audience could see the result over the big screen at the left side.

You can see more pics at photo gallery, I'll add more pics later.

Hey, this application is open for public now. Everyone can take a part or create your own story with your own friends. Simply visit cerpenista.com, register and start laughing with friends 😀

Cheers for Herman Saksono :cheers: