Komodo Edit – Free The Dragon!

Komodo is the best programmer’s text editor I’ve ever seen. It’s the award-winning editing for dynamic languages including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl; plus support for browser-side code including JavaScript, CSS, HTML and XML..

Can’t say how happy I am when I found there’s a free version of The Dragon. Well, I think it won’t be as complete as the Komodo IDE, but it has the soul of it.

I’ve tried the 21 days trial version of Komodo IDE and fall in love with it, and hoping there’s the free version of it. So far I’m waiting, and just like a Bob Marley’s song, I don’t wanna waiting in vain..

So let’s grab a copy of it, both Linux or Windows users, get it here:


  1. Pertama!!!

    gek mulai donlut kang. sepertine ngliat dari referensimu kok apik.. 😀

  2. Cih..di tempat gw gak bisa donlot nih. Kirimin dong jeng.

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