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Zebralight SC51 Neutral White

zebralight sc51w

This post is a little out of ordinary because I won’t talk about server, programming language, nor any computer-related stuffs. This time I’ll write a simple review about my current favorite flashlight:

Zebralight SC51 Neutral White

It’s Zebralight SC51, neutral white version. More information and pics after the break.

After some research on the Net, I found that this flashlight is the brightest for single AA flashlight. 200 lumen just by using one AA battery cell (available almost everywhere) is a very good option. A little bit pricey but later I find that it’s worth every penny.

The package arrived in a brown cardboard box, very simple with no logo nor text printed on the cardboard. The flashlight came with a head ban (yes, you can transform this flashlight into a headlamp), manual book, and spare o rings.

Zebralight SC51w Cardboard

The build is very solid, ergonomic, and just fit right in hand of a average Asian man like me.

Zebralight SC51w in my hand

Zebralight SC51w in my hand

This flashlight using orange peel reflector, it makes the light reflected smoothly.

orange peel reflector

It came with no holster, so I carry it on my waist using the handy clip on its body. Another time I can just slip it into my right/left pocket, or insert it inside MOLE strips on my Maxpedition tactile.

Some days ago I attached this flashlight into my helmet using velcro strap for a night ride on my MTB. The light was very bright, and the neutral white color made me see the road better than cool white flashlight.

Zebralight on helmet

Actually I bought this flashlight for my wife. She wanted a headlamp, so I bought this flashlight that can be transformed into headlamp easily using provided head ban.  Now I want another SC51 for myself :D

The author bought this flashlight using his own money and made review at his own will. This is not a paid review.

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