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Stupid Linux User

I visited MediaTech Expo ’06 at Mandala Bakti Wanitatama building, this afternoon. Then I went to laptop booth and saw there are some laptops with Linux installed on it.

Sound like a good news, because most people here using pirated Windows for their operating system. So I got closer just to find out what distro they might use. Seem it’s Mandriva.. I opened the shell…

Voila, I got root!

Yeah, naughty is my middle name. I created user with my sweet and famous nickname, sandal. Leaving some message for the owner and do some bad thing with the laptops he.he.

Don’t be worry, I didn’t have enough time to write rm -rf *.* ^_*



  1. rm -rf / donks

    gag tega he.he.he.

  2. Got Root?
    *jadi inget t-shirt πŸ˜› *

    ada ya t-shirt yg tulisannya gitu? beliin dong!

  3. Taruh bot donk

    ada satu masalah, leptopnya gag onlen πŸ˜€

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