Apple’s Safari 4 and some facts

Apple has just released their beta version of Safari 4 with some improvement and featured with some new inventions,  while in fact is that another browser has been using Safari’s new features since a long time ago.

Safari 4 screenshot

Just to mention a few: in Safari 4, there is Top Sites which is equivalent to Speed Dial in Opera, also full page zoom that Opera has been using since 1996.

And hey, they claim that Safari 4 is the first browser that implement RSS reader feature!

For further facts, you can read fantastic article from Dustin Wilson, The Great Feature Train Robbery.


  1. Comment by post author

    Updated information:
    A team gathering facts that Apple is doing deceptive marketing with Safari 4.

  2. apapun kata opera.
    hidup mac!! hahaha

  3. They learn from each other .. not a a bad move 🙂

  4. 3on

    What a lame reaction, but from someone who keep swaping because of its browser memoy leak I understand the frustration.

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