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Opera Mobile jumps from 8.6 to 9.5

Opera Mobile
You might questioning what happen with Opera Mobile version 9 and why Opera Mobile jumps its version from 8.65 to 9.5.

Opera Mobile is intended to be a replacement for Opera Desktop in a mobile device. To achieve the same browsing experience between desktop and mobile, both browsers must have the same method to display the website. Since the latest version of Opera Desktop is 9.5 so Opera Mobile should have the same version and same rendering engine. Opera Mobile 9.5 using the same rendering engine as Opera Desktop 9.5 called Presto.

By this way, Opera hopes that there’s no difference between browsing using PC or mobile gadgets. Opera also said that this version is a lot faster than previous and the GUI was completely rebuild to increase user experience. And hey, it runs widgets just like Opera for desktop!

Now I’m waiting for Opera Mobile 9.5 to be available for Symbian UIQ 3.


  1. qutu

    I think versioning like this also happened in Winamp. As we know, there’s no Winamp 4, but Winamp 2+3 = 5

  2. kus

    opera mobile emang yahud.. tapi bikin boros pulsa secara dia manggil semua elemen html 🙁 , mana XL tarif gprs nya kaya argo …. bromo!!!

  3. Evy

    allo mas sandal, sorry out of topic, terimakasih ya sudah mengantarku di jogja kemarin, asyik juga di gendong eh di goncengin muter2 jogja ujan2an lagi…. GBU sampai ketemu lagi kapan2 aku ikutan ngaji sama cak nun, kemarin ndak bisa ninggal ibuku…

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