Wild Fruit On The Roadside

It was early morning and I was walking from the town into my house, it’s about 30 minutes walking distance. In the middle of the trip and after the sunrise, I saw this fruit on the roadside.

Wild fruit and its leaves

I didn’t know what fruit is that. It looked delicious, remind me of the wild marquisa I found on the riverside some years ago –when I was a child. Before I picked the fruit to try how is the taste, I took some pictures of that fruit.

Later, I peeled that strange fruit carefully and found a disgusting form of the pulp. Without trying its taste, I knew that no way this fruit will be delicious.

disgusting pulp

But I couldn’t resist to try it, so I licked its black pulp and there’s almost no taste. Β Just cold and tasteless so I threw it away and continue my walk.

Soft fur on its rind

I use Panoramio to publish those images, if you wonder where did I get that fruit, you can click on the image(s) above and there is a map (Google Maps) that show you where the pictures were taken.


  1. ketauan deh si om suka mungutin makanan di pinggir jalan. πŸ˜†

  2. kuro

    cluthak e ra ilang2

  3. di tempatku itu namanya buah kont*l dewo. Berasa agak manis asam. cocok untuk pemanis mulut ketika melakukan perjalanan di alam bebas..

  4. Comment by post author

    Wahaha namanya serem πŸ˜€

  5. btw beracun nggak tuh πŸ™‚

  6. Haha.. untung tidak beracun tuh πŸ˜›

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