We got a bus!

This post is an update for my previous post about cleaning out the beach. Today we got donation from Iman Brotoseno, a movie director who really concern about blog. We will use the fund to hire a bus. Hopefully this bus will ease the participants to reach the beach.

There are some other people who also donate funds for this event, they are Gandung and Fany. Thanks to all donors, God bless you all :cheers:

We are still waiting for more lady bloggers to join this event 😆

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  1. chiw Avatar

    kok aku ga disebut, Hun?

  2. sandalian Avatar

    Kamyu telat datangnya syih.. 😛

  3. chiw Avatar

    kamu sih, pake acara ban bocor segala…*ikut ikutan nyalahin yang nggak salah *:whistle:

  4. sandalian Avatar


  5. chiw Avatar

    gitu ya… 🙁

  6. Arian12 Avatar

    Kok aku ndak disebut jga cih?

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