Use Google to see a country’s common face

This is a little trick to show a country's common face. I got this trick from this blog and tried it, very exciting. Here is how to do the trick:

To see Indonesian's common face, type following URL into your address bar:

To see other country's faces simply change id value above with other country code. For example: (Finland, or Finish? ) (Germany) (Japanese) (France)

But I wonder how to display faces of Klingon people :whistle:

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  1. chiw Avatar

    kok ada yang berseragam peramuka Hun?

  2. sandalian Avatar

    Iyo, jangan-jangan kamu kenal?

  3. franceczech Avatar

    how ab0ut philippines?

  4. sandalian Avatar

    Phlipine's domain is .ph, so you can view the faces at

  5. anonymous Avatar

    regina san martin contreras writes:necesito foto

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