Sunday with nothing to do

Yeah, it's just a boring sunday. Sitting all day long in front of my laptop with nothing to do. Just browsing and chatting.

I wish I have a physical activity. Any idea?

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  1. hitesha Avatar

    go jogging in the rain!!

  2. sukku Avatar

    Well thats something that you are doing….exercising your mind, fingers and back………and also your eyes……working on your lap top.

  3. sandalian Avatar

    @hiteshait wasn't rain here :P@sukkuyeah, all day long T_T

  4. hitesha Avatar

    ummm.. ah!!then go jogging in the evening!!!:lol:But your dreaded sunday is over!! :hat:and I bet your Monday is hevay duty stuff!!

  5. sukku Avatar

    Well you should my blog on what I did on Sunday….it's pretty much the same as yours except the only exercise I got was to drive out for lunch…exercise to the hands, legs and mind……

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