Sayonara Windows

Last nite, I've backup important files from my harddrive then formated it and delete all the contents.

No more Windows on my machine, now I'm using Zenwalk Linux. But now I'm looking for a trick to run Windows over the Linux using a kind of virtual machine. I've tried VirtualBox and Parallels Workstation but they both failed.

Does anyone have any clue?

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  1. anonymous Avatar

    Ngabilanto writes:main merek nih… :))

  2. densscessario Avatar

    Kirain pindah ke mac…Atau Ubuntu Berryl? << gile keren abis nee…

  3. sandalian Avatar

    DI Zenwalk juga bisa dipasang Compiz Fusion (gabungan Beryl dan Compiz). Juga mantab habis lho :top:

  4. algarcia Avatar

    VirtualBox Should Work, from my own experience. Anyways, if you need windows for running an specific app you could try Wine instead from

  5. sandalian Avatar

    ^algarciaYes I'm using VirtualBox now because some application failed to work with Wine.

  6. wicthness Avatar

    mandriva hydrogen 2012 so powerfull than zenwalk linux 😆

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