Opera Cake

I remember that Putri made a blog post about Opera yoghurt, this time I make a post about Opera cake :yes:

A friend of mine posted above image on my Facebook wall, looks yummy! Based on the label, it cost approximately US$ 1 each. Thanks jeng! :up:


  1. toridei

    wah dah keduluan…..yap I also found similar shop that sold Opera Mini Cake he he

  2. anonymous

    indomielezat writes:semoga bis atambah bikin gendut :Dnyam nyam nyam..

  3. Keomutpro

    they're delicious.i want to eat them

  4. MaRph0amat0nte

    hows it taste :confused:

  5. sandalian

    @fauziahDunno, my friend just give me the pic, not the cake 😀

  6. MaRph0amat0nte

    u should ask for the cake too :yes:

  7. sandalian

    I will buy it someday 😀

  8. rachmataz

    i ever ate opera cake from dapur cokelat… really really uueenaak tenaaann… :up:

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