Music in the morning

What a day, I must finish the job by 12 today :doh:

So I woke up in the early morning, put some Budha Bar's song on G-Mplayer playlist and start the job.

Does anyone know any kind of music that can rise our mood up?


  1. Loexhy

    Oh, god. Budha bar?!I love it so much..Its big surprise.Not much people like this kind music.May i know ur collection?May u upload the song 4me??Do u have oliver shanty collection? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. anonymous

    Ongo writes:

    Budha bar ?? what kind of music that ?? where i can download it ? :doh: anyway i listen to Muse or Norah Jones to rise my mood :happy: :happy:

  3. Loexhy

    Budha bar is meditative music.But part of people call them newage.Thats nice song.Hmm…U want to get this??Im still waiting sandalan answer….But i will give u other song, u can try it..(i hope u like it..)

  4. sandalian

    I'm not a fanatic lover of Budha Bar, I just copy the file from my friend's computer and love to hear that :DSorry my internet connection is not very good, I failed to upload the files :doh:Do you like house music?I sometimes download from http://geovedi.wordpress.comHe is a great hacker and DJ :yes:

  5. Loexhy

    Ow, i have alot of house music.Thats music is so bored. But i think electro music is better than houseHmm..Its ok, if u have a time, just upload it http://rapidshare.deIm waiting :cheers:

  6. Nunuy

    Dave matthews band and sting….Thats enough to raise my mood all day long….:D also padi

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