Indonesian blogger agenda

Next 27 October, there will be a party named Pesta Blogger 2007 (Blogger Party 2007) held at Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta, Indonesia. It's said as "first national blogger gathering" and (hopefuly) will be opened by The Ministry of Communication and Information of Republic of Indonesia.

Too bad, they only accept 200 bloggers to join the party. :no:
100 bloggers will be choosen by the comitee, while the rest is registered member trough their official website. :doh:

There's something interesting about this. Since the party only allowing 200 bloggers to join, there will be another gathering held by Komunitas Bunderan HI in the same day, almost same location (right next to Hard Rock Cafe) named Muktamar Blogger 1428 Hijr. It's said that Muktamar Blogger 1428 Hijr is a place for those who miss the opportunity to join Pesta Blogger 2007. :cheers:

I hope I can join both of the parties. Join the Pesta Blogger at daylight, and join Muktamar Blogger in the night :love:

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    bahtiar writes:

    he hhee …

    muktamar ketoprak … 🙂

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