Get ready for Zenwalk

Tonite I will check if Winbinder could run well on Wine, then I will dump Windows out of my box and live my life in a zen way using Zenwalk 😀

Is there any Zenwalk user in this Opera community?


  1. gs2501

    I was running 3.0 and I think it was great for some reasonit began to give a weird error during the boot-up process until it could not boot up any more. I switched back to Xubuntu which I like a lot too but now I saw all the new features of the 5.0 version and I want to re-install it again.What I like about it is the fact that is Slackware-based distro. I like simplicity and it does not get fat like Ubuntu. Do you like Zenwalk 5.0????? I just finished downloading it and I am reallythinking to try it again, specially now that it supports wifi.take care….-2501my.opera.com/gs2501

  2. sandalian

    Yes, Zenwalk 5.0 is great. It has great support for WiFi and very easy to use. I installed it on my laptop and run well, unless my mousetap (touchpad).

  3. aguspuryanto

    i want to try use Zenwalk 5.0, but my notebook Pentium-II 400, 128 MB. can Zenwalk 5.0 run on my notebook:lol:

  4. sandalian

    @aguspuryantoIn theory, you can install Zenwalk 5.0 on Pentium 2 with 128mb of RAMs.I myself never tried to do so, because my Pentium 2 machine damaged by the lightning/thunder.Please give a try and write your experience ^_^

  5. gs2501

    I went for it and installed ZW 5.0 and it rocks! No more Ubuntu for me. It is simple and fast and it does what I want to do. I have absolute control of the operating system which is very important for me. I can update any program without updating the whole OS. I have a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop with 2GB Ram and ZW was able to recognize my Centrino processor and I was able to surf the net in less than a minute. :-)The only lib that I installed was libdvd2 because I like to watch movies in my laptop. Iceweasel browser works to perfection and installed all the add-ons that I wanted without any glitch. I also installed Mcrypt which I love and Geany works great to write C programs. At this point, I don't see myself returning to Ubuntu. Don't get me wrong, it is great but it is not my personal favorite. Slackware and Zenwalk all the way. -2501

  6. sandalian

    Yes rite, I myself love slackware and its subdistro(s) for their simplicity :DAt this point I'm stil using 2 OS' and hoping to fully play with Linux.

  7. gs2501

    Try Arch linux too! It is just awesome! You have to get your hands dirty but you get to understand how it works under the hood. After that you just fall in love with it!-2501

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