Easy Money From FarmVille

Do you play FarmVille on Facebook? It's a very addicted game, especially when you played Harvest Moon before.

If you play FarmVille on Facebook, you may notice that since last night they added Achievement Award system. This way when a player reach certain level (or completed certain task), they'll be awarded with a ribbon and post this event into his wall on Facebook, like following example:

Nah, there is a link titled "Get a bonus from {username}". Just click at the link and you will earn 50 coins for free.

Just scroll down your Facebook homepage and you might see some of your friends post this event. If you have 10 friends who post this event into their wall, you can click 10 links and you will earn 10 x 50 coins :yes:

That's what I call easy money 😆

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  1. anonymous Avatar

    chiw writes:thanks for share, Hun…bantu bantu di kebunku doms…miskin inihhh…

  2. chiw Avatar

    hihi, komeng pake anonim lucu jugak… 😀

  3. anonymous Avatar

    yang ada di avatar writes:huehehehehe kok ada fotoku di situ jadi contiyoh??*macak raden mas angki*

  4. anonymous Avatar

    auk warm writes:keren :Dsaya maennya FarmTOwn 😀

  5. Gyrobo Avatar

    I always wanted to play Harvest Moon, but could never find the time in this workaday world of ours.

  6. sandalian Avatar

    Me too, got no time. The only thing I can do is memorizing the old good time playing Harvest Moon 😀

  7. anonymous Avatar

    mums writes:pwedeng pa play……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  8. anonymous Avatar

    I need a real cheat writes:_____'___'_______

  9. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:farmville is my life without it i might just take the ultimate sacrafice but i cant afford enough nurefen if i want to go on holiday :(:(:(!!!!!!!

  10. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:farmville sucks u shud all go die in a hole

  11. anonymous Avatar

    no.1.farmer writes:no way man! you suck! farmville rocks my world! wahooooooo!!!!! xx

  12. anonymous Avatar

    anal al writes:i suck farmvilles cock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. anonymous Avatar

    farmville rap writes:Everyday I wake up its time To harvest my crops that’s fineI plant them all in a lineYour just jealous cause these cows are mineAl has a dad called PhilAl likes to play FarmvilleHe has a mate called big will Who also likes to play FarmvilleWhen al’s not in schoolHe’s is sitting on his stoolPlayin Farmville cause it’s coolPeers who don’t play are foolsEveryday I wake up it time To harvest my crops that’s fineI plant them all in a lineYou’re just jealous cause these cows are mineF FFFFarmville

  14. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:YA!!!FARM VILLE RULLES PERIOD!

  15. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:everyone knows how to do dat

  16. anonymous Avatar

    Apa kaoo writes:tolong bantuin gue donk . . ?soal nya gue dah mati akal ni gi mana caranya buat bentuk kebun guesoal nya kebun gue copo bgt klo di liat gak ada seni nya sama sekali. . ?tolong gue donk inspirasi nya?? ?

  17. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:bantu gue donk soal nya gue bingung bikin kebun gue gi mana bentuk nya biar bagus tolong yahbagus nya bagaimana??

  18. anonymous Avatar

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  19. anonymous Avatar

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  20. anonymous Avatar

    is cool writes:very coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  21. anonymous Avatar

    qka po boni a jeni mil writes:mir mir ti

  22. anonymous Avatar

    Anonymous writes:I am sick of being offered gifts and then having to do a quiz i cant do because of my phone. what about the people like me that cant do surveys IT SUCKS. Mafia wars is just as bad

  23. anonymous Avatar

    nonomimy writes:trition the

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