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Using Online Translator As Web Proxy

Some of us are happy enough having nice internet connection, full access anywhere. But for those who use internet from office, sometimes the network administrator restricts some website to visit (friendster, myspace, altavista etc). Many reason for it. Mostly, to enhance worker performance and to avoid virus and other malwares.

But it feel like we have a gun with bullets inside, but we can’t shoot at the target because we’re inside a very thick wall. So how to trick your office’s rule? Simply using any online translator!

I’m not telling you a joke. Let’s give it a try. Okay, let me mention two famous translator: Babelfish and Google Translate.

Open one of them (Babelfish or Google Translate), fill the URL you want to see in the input box and select any language into English. We choose “into English” to avoid the translation. We don’t want to translate the page, right? We only want to open the page.

If you’re lucky, your desired page will be opened. Just enjoy it and watch you back, your boss might behind you and watch you crawling on cool Japanese girl site ^o^


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  1. lom coba, tapi pasti ga bisa kalau mau onlen di YM lewat meebo.. hehe.. 😛

    *got root kemaren ada di jeng.

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