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How to make Zenwalk Linux more compact

I’m a daily user of Zenwalk Linux and love it very much for the simplicity and their philosophy of one application for one task. The ISO is only 400+ megabytes and only require 2gb of harddrive space for full installation. And hey, it run fast on Pentium 3 machine.

But I found my own way to make this linux become smaller than before. Everytime I finished installing this linux on my machines, I always remove IceDove, IceWeasel, Transmission (BitTorrent client) and GnView.

As replacement for IceDove, IceWeasel and Transmission I installed Opera browser. This free browser is not only a web browser. It’s an email client, IRC client, BitTorrent client and also feed reader. Very great.

The last, I replaced GnView with GPicView. It’s simpler and faster.

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