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How To Backup Account in FileZilla

I got new PC at my office, yesterday. So, I need to transfer all my chats, email and any account from my old PC into the new one.

One of my favorite application is FileZilla that I use to transfer file from and to remote server. Surely it will be a pain to write down all servers, usernames and passwords. So I decided to take a look in FileZilla’s installation directory.

I found a XML file named FileZilla.xml located in C:Program FilesFileZillaFileZilla.xml and that’s where my accounts saved. So, I only need to copy that XML file into my new PC at the same directory as the old one. Surely, after I installed FileZilla on my new machine :p

And it works!

Well, the method can be successfull only if you choose XML file for saving all the accounts instead of the registry key. FileZilla will ask for the method when you first installing it on your machine.

By the way, I haven’t tried this method with different version of FileZilla.


  1. Tim

    Excellent! Very Helpful, Thank you!

  2. BlackAngel

    That’s 100% correct…

    but…why not:

    File -> Export

    That’s it.

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